Singapore VCs see tremendous opportunities in Southeast Asia startups

The Story Thailand

Executives of three Singapore-based venture capital (VC) enterprises recently shared their experience regarding the island state’s role in helping strengthen Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystems.

Their VCs have invested in several startups in Singapore’s neighbouring countries, including Thailand, for many years due to “tremendous opportunities and a lot of potential” in the region.

James Tan, Chairman of the Action for Community Entrepreneurship (ACE) said that the enterprise is bullish on opportunities in Southeast Asia. Quest Ventures, a Venture Capital Firm where Tan is a General Founder at, has invested in Vietnam and Philippines”

Opportunities and challenges

Tan said that his VC helps foreign startups to “soft land faster” while introducing them to the opportunities and challenges in Singapore as well as in the region.

“We will go through a series of programs, engagement with local ecosystem players, even local funds. We hope that these startups will find their footing quickly, perhaps even get some investments from the funds to our base here and use Singapore as a launching pad for the rest of Asia,” he said.

Tan views Thailand as an attractive market for Singapore startups. “There are opportunities there [in Thailand] that continue to be overlooked,” he said.


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