Vietnam Global Innovation

Accelerating access to Southeast Asia's hottest economy

Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging economies in Southeast Asia. Its robust economy is supported by strong domestic demand and an export-oriented manufacturing sector. It has a population of 100 million with 70% below the age of 35. It has an emerging middle class that stands at 13% and is expected to reach 26% within ten years.

A tech-savvy population coupled with a propensity to spend provides many opportunities and challenges to solve for tech startups expanding in the region.

A proud partner of Global Innovation Alliance for Vietnam, this program positions startups for success in Vietnam through mentorship, business matching, and support in navigating its business landscape.

Interested to grow in Vietnam? Register your interest for the Vietnam Global Innovation program here.


Levana Sani

Founder & CEO, Nalagenetics | SINGAPORE

Well-organized, with deep experience sharing from the mentors. Quest Ventures’ network of mentors and business partners helped close many gaps when considering business expansion into Vietnam.

Keller Goh

COO, Knowledge Catalyst | SINGAPORE

Vietnam Global Innovation gave us deep local insights for planning our market expansion while providing valuable learning opportunities to grow in a meaningful way.

Caleb Kow

Founder & CEO, | SINGAPORE

Fantastic program for companies intending to expand to Vietnam. Participants will learn essential knowledge and form useful connections with relevant industry experts. Highly recommended.

Samuel Tan

Co-founder, Sweego | VIETNAM

The Vietnam Global Innovation programme helped us better understand Vietnamese culture and market needs that, in turn, clearly helped in the planning of our marketing and business strategies.

Nguyen Thi Qui

R&D Manager, Lean Station | SINGAPORE

An essential program for those keen to expand into Vietnam! This was a comprehensive program that provided in-depth knowledge of Vietnam. Participants are connected with local partners and mentors who provided actionable and practical advice.

Louis Tan

Co-founder, Xyndicate | SINGAPORE

We benefited greatly from the Vietnam Global Innovation programme, and developed strong relationships with partners whom we can rely on in Vietnam.

Catherine Nabbala

Global Business Coordinator, Finema | THAILAND

Extensive list of mentors with practical insights into the Vietnam market.

Dr Grace Su

Co-founder & COO, ZumVet | SINGAPORE

Excellent program with access to high-value content and networking opportunities.

Adrian Teo

Co-founder & COO, DiMuto | SINGAPORE

The program has given me mentors and contact in Vietnam that I would otherwise not have. Through the fireside chats, I learned on-ground details of the Vietnam market that would have been difficult to find online. The mentors gave good feedback for product-led growth and market opportunities. The businesses that I was matched with gave me highly valued leads.

Deevak s/o Premdas

Co-founder, Edsy Bitsy | SINGAPORE

Amazing job by Quest Ventures! We have gained many insights into Vietnam and widened our network through this program.

Andrew Soh

Co-founder & CEO, Fundigo | SINGAPORE

Truly appreciate Quest Ventures’ efforts in accelerating companies’ access into Vietnam. Thank you for being the beacon of light.

Ng Guankai

Director, Nabcore | SINGAPORE

This programme helped us to fine tune our strategy and positioning, and to understand the Vietnam market.

Jean Christophe Li

Co-founder & CEO, Aespada | SINGAPORE

Vietnam Global Innovation Program has been useful for our company in acquiring key knowledge that is required to navigate the Vietnam business environment. The mentoring and business matching components are also vital in helping us to shape our business and pricing models in the market, as well as gain access to potential clients that are interested in adopting our technology.

Sim Bing Yang

Business Development Manager, SWAT Mobility | SINGAPORE

The sessions are very insightful in developing our entry strategy into the Vietnam market and expanding our network with Vietnam startups.

Cherilyn Low

Regional Growth Manager, Hireplace | SINGAPORE

Well organized and insightful for companies who are exploring Vietnam market opportunities for the first time.

Albert Chai

Co-founder & CEO, CLOP Technologies | SINGAPORE

Provided us solid intel and local market nuances which you can only learn after spending the first six months or more in Vietnam.

Raman Chauhan

Co-founder & CEO, Lumiere32 | SINGAPORE

Extremely good effort despite the pandemic period, allowing startups to continue to learn, network and grow from the comfort of our homes. Kudos to the organisers and the moderators!

Alan Lai

Co-founder & CEO, ProfilePrint | SINGAPORE

Very useful for entrepreneurs and startups. It has structured content with knowledgeable speakers and mentors sharing insights. Fosters a close community that assist and leverage each other when venturing into Vietnam.

Kew Yoke Ling

Co-founder & CEO, Kewmann | SINGAPORE

Definitely a great program and a big thank you to the team. Looking forward to opening more doors with Quest Ventures and the connections made.

Matrix Lee

COO, Gorilla Networks | SINGAPORE

A really detailed insight of the Vietnam market before even heading there.

Ng Shin

Co-founder & CEO, RushOwl | SINGAPORE

Diverse overview of Vietnam market from experienced regional and local players.

Tony Nguyen

Director, | SINGAPORE

Very well-rounded and dedicated accelerator program that gives a solid foundation upon which to expand our Vietnam network with other capable entrepreneurs from Singapore.

Jeanette Wu


A tight selection process ensures optimal outcomes

Who Should Apply?

Quest Ventures is looking for all tech startups and SMEs that:

  1. Have an MVP, with existing customers and partners
  2. Are at Series Seed or beyond in terms of funding raised
  3. Are strong in MAU, GMV or revenue traction
  4. Have the potential to address the Vietnam and regional markets
  5. Are based in Singapore
Launch of the Global Innovation Alliance in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Global Innovation Alliance

The Global Innovation Alliance (GIA) is a network of Singapore and overseas partners in major innovation hubs and key demand markets, with a focus on technology and innovation. It is a joint initiative between Enterprise Singapore and the Singapore Economic Development Board, statutory boards under the Ministry of Trade & Industry in Singapore.

Quest Ventures is the GIA partner for Vietnam, organising a leading program accelerating access to Southeast Asia’s hottest economy.

Media interest in entrepreneurship

Dive Into The Ecosystem

From entrepreneurs to regulators, the Vietnam tech ecosystem is competitive, vibrant and exhilarating. An ecosystem actively encouraged by the government and, at the same time, born of ground-up action is now squarely in the sights of the region’s most active investors including Quest Ventures.

Mentors at Saigon Innovation Hub

Work With Mentors

Get introduced to Vietnam business culture and get in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the Vietnam tech ecosystem. With help from Quest Ventures’ appointed local partners, entrepreneurs will be paired with relevant mentors who can speed up market access.

Venture capital introduction at Techfest

Access to Investors and Funding

Local investors can provide market insights that aid a startup’s competitiveness and market entry. From angels to institutional investors, a growing investment ecosystem is always on the look out for the next exciting startup to back.

Network with thought leaders at major events

Grow Global Networks

Meet local partners at the major events that the program will dovetail with. From application developers to business partners, the vibrant ecosystem brought together on such occasions is not to be missed.

Interested to grow in Vietnam? Register your interest for Vietnam Global Innovation program here.

Have some burning questions on the program? Find your answers here in the FAQs.

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