Culture and Values

At our core

Quest Ventures is very much a startup at heart.

We are a fund that bootstrap and save our best for the entrepreneurs we serve.

We are an equal opportunity employer. Our benefits include unlimited paid leave and medical benefits. We are BYOD, dress-down, and pet-friendly.

We debate openly, and are detail-oriented with facts and data. We often work across different time zones, meet in different cities, and interact with different cultures.

We converse proficiently in the language of finance and the language of technology. We are fluent in English and at least one more language. Most of us are proficient with three.

We may get calls for help from our companies late at night or early in the morning. Our weekends are often spent with one company or another tackling some tough issue. Or maybe having fun together.

If this life sounds awesome to you (because it is for us!), send your CV to [email protected]. Our internships are awesome too!

Or find out more about the open positions in the companies in our portfolio. They are hiring for a wide range of positions and expertise in many cities across the globe.