Young Leaders

For the smartest and most ambitious young people

As a Young Analyst in the program, you have a strong academic foundation, boundless ambition and a hardworking attitude. You have an intense curiosity in the world of private equity and venture capital. You know that capital and technology will change the world. All you need is a platform to stretch yourself professionally.

The Young Leaders Program is a full-time 5-month program based in either Beijing (for China) or Singapore (for Southeast Asia) for pre-university students. We accept only one applicant per year.

Anne Khoo
Analyst, Young Leaders Program 2023
Post-program: Renaissance Engineering Programme, Nanyang Technological University

GCE ‘A’ Levels: 88.75/90; Distinction with H3 Game Theory; SAT: 1560/1600, Raffles Institution.
MOE Pre-University Scholarship. EAGLES Award. Academic Excellence Award. EAGLES Award. Vice-President, Raffles Interact. Founder, SpeaknLearn (India). Business Leaders Program. Delegate, International Science Youth Forum. NTU Renaissance Engineering Programme Scholarship.

Sustainable impact

Anne considered many global challenges addressable with capital and technology and decided to focus on commercially viable scientific solutions to sustainability issues.

In the face of existential risks, inaction forces inefficient solutions down the road. The time to take action is now.

Her due diligence on sustainability formed the understanding behind a thematic fund focused on addressing the challenges in decarbonisation. Anne also worked with multiple stakeholders, including multinationals, development finance institutions, and public agencies, for exploratory areas. She was instrumental in the due diligence of the company’s numerous international recognitions.

Based in Singapore, Anne represented Quest Ventures in many tech conferences and events.

Melvin Liam
Analyst, Young Leaders Program 2022
Post-program: B.A. Econs, University of Cambridge

GCE ‘A’ Levels: 90/90; 8/8 Distinctions with H3 Economics; SAT: 1530/1600; SAT II (Phy/Math): 800/800, Raffles Institution.
Distinction in Leadership, Raffles Institution. Academic Excellence Award, Raffles Institution. Co-founder, TEDxYouth@RafflesInstitution. Head of Function, Student Council. Vice-Chairman, Peer Support Leaders Executive Committee. Intern, Association of Women’s Action and Research. Ministry of Trade and Industry Economist Service Scholarship.


Melvin considered many global challenges and decided to focus his research on food security and solutions.

Food security is important. Every society is three meals away from chaos.

His report on food security formed the understanding behind a thematic fund focused on addressing the issues identified. Melvin also worked with multiple internal stakeholders for administrative and compliance functions. He was instrumental in the due diligence of the company’s numerous international recognitions.

Based in Singapore, Melvin represented Quest Ventures in many tech conferences and events.

Genieve Wu
Analyst, Young Leaders Program 2021
Post-program: LL.B., Singapore Management University

GCE ‘A’ Levels: 90/90, Dunman High School.
Dunman High School Honours Day Top in History and General Science. EAGLES Award. Chairperson, Senior High Orientation Committee. Head of Department, Student Council. Colours Award, Singapore Schools Sports Council. Bronze Award, National School Games Shooting Championship Team. Edusave Scholarship.

Spirit of the law

Genieve was tasked with understanding the compliance requirements for our global institutional investments and to formulate an implementation strategy.

Our work has global reach and extensive local implications. Venture capital’s multiplier effect means the outsized impact of capital and technology on millions of lives in fast-growing Asia. That we do so with careful consideration of the regulatory environment is paramount to building a credible and lasting brand.

Genieve worked with international legal counsel to understand the regulatory environment for fund managers, crafted processes and a suite of documentation for employees, and implemented them. She also ignited the importance of physical well-being with the launch of Conquest – a sporting event for startups organised with the support of public agencies, and the startup and innovation ecosystem.

Based in Singapore, Genieve represented Quest Ventures in many tech conferences and events.

Jonathan Lau
Analyst, Young Leaders Program 2020
Post-program: Double Degree in BBM and BSc Economics, Singapore Management University

GCE ‘A’ Levels: 90/90, Hwa Chong Institution.
Hwa Chong Outstanding Student Award. EAGLES Award. Team Leader, Project Aequalis for Down Syndrome Association of Singapore. Co-founder, Re:Mind. Champion, IE Singapore Global Business Challenge. Scholarships: DSTA Junior College Scholarship, Loo Geok Eng Foundation Scholarship. CFA Investment Foundations.

Bridging Asia

Upon joining, Jonathan was immediately tasked to execute partnership initiatives between Southeast Asia and Central Asia.

The importance of cross cultural sensitivities was obvious as we worked with our Central Asia counterparts. Friendly dispositions and professionalism in our work increased the level of trust and comfort in all parties, and contributed to our overall success.

Jonathan worked closely with counterparts in Central Asia to introduce them to the tech startup ecosystems in Southeast Asia. Armed with in-house research and financial analyses, he facilitated many deliberations that led to the successful launch of the first major international startup accelerator in Central Asia backed by institutional investors from Kazakhstan and Singapore.

Based in Singapore, Jonathan represented Quest Ventures in many tech conferences and events.

Zhou Yang
Analyst, Young Leaders Program 2019
Post-program: B.A. Law, University of Cambridge

International Baccalaureate Diploma Program: 45/45, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent).
Director, Young Diplomats Society, International Model UN. Attache, Economic Development Board of Singapore. Nationally-ranked chess player. Lieutenant, Singapore Armed Forces. Best Delegate Award, Model UN.

Ground up impact

As a young analyst, Zhou Yang scanned the landscape of impact initiatives and quickly concluded a lack of business sustainability in many of them.

A certain degree of seriousness underlies the work we do. Impact initiatives done right have the potential to permanently change lives for the better. Working with multipliers and direct beneficiaries alike, I gained insights into the impact space that I know I will not have been able to obtain elsewhere.

Zhou Yang considered the efficacy and efficiency of measurement frameworks, and synthesized them for use appropriate for Southeast Asia. He identified impact variances that can be improved with a combination of capital and technology. He also managed the operations of Singapore’s largest co-working space for impact organisations and created programs for meaningful interaction between beneficiaries, stakeholders, and policy makers.

Based in Singapore, Zhou Yang represented Quest Ventures in many tech and impact conferences and events.

Goh Junwei
Analyst, Young Leaders Program 2018
Post-program: B.A. Economics & Management, University of Oxford

ACT: 35; SAT II (Phy/Math/Chem): 800/800/800; GCE ‘A’ Levels 88.75/90, Victoria Junior College.
Co-founder, Lowinsky. Vice-President, Product, Open Lectures. Co-founder and President, Run for Water. Nationally-ranked debater. Adjudicator, NTU Debating Championships. THINK Award, Model UN.

Breathing new life into corporations

Junwei considered the landscape of venture capital firms entering the corporate innovation space, and decided to build on Quest Ventures’ deep relationship with Silicon Valley’s pre-eminent Applied Innovation Institute to design a suite of enterprise services that leveraged the strength of our venture portfolio, track record with the public sector, and the needs of corporations.

I enjoyed the professional and casual banter in the office. It was never boring, and despite the casual environment, everyone knew the seriousness of the consequences of their actions. Namely that their investment decisions will be making dramatic differences at levels and timelines beyond our imaginations.

He re-imagined corporate innovation and our approach, engaging in major conversations around extremely forward-looking areas such as alternative food, transportation, and insurance. He also researched the economics of co-working spaces, correctly predicting the failures and consolidation in this sector. His youth was no barrier to getting his work done with the senior leadership of corporations and NGOs.

Based in Singapore, Junwei represented Quest Ventures in many tech conferences and events.

Amanda Tan
Analyst, Young Leaders Program 2017
Post-program: LLB Bachelor of Laws, The London School of Economics & Political Science

87.75/90 GCE ‘A’ Levels, Dunman High School.
Champion, MOE-ACJC Inter-Collegiate Debating Championships. Champion, SMU Hammers Debating Championships. Champion, REACH DA(S)-ITE Debating Championships. Best Delegate, Crisis Committee, UNASMUN. Head, Organising Team, Debating Against Humanity. Head, Organising Committee, Walk for Water. Head, Communications, Braddell Heights Youth Executive Committee. President, Senior High Debates, DHS

Setting a high bar

As a young analyst, Amanda was enthusiastic with the broad exposure to many industries and the pace at which venture capital disrupted traditional sectors.

One of the amazing realizations was that I was entrusted to lead projects typically assigned to full-time employees. It doesn’t matter how young you are – as long as you are able to present a well-structured argument, people will listen and act on your recommendations.

Amanda analysed startups for investment potential by crafting investment memorandums and financial models. In many cases, she delivered beyond expectations. She was also instrumental in the daily operations of an education startup, managed the construction of its new campus, and the eventual move from old to new.

Based in Singapore, Amanda represented Quest Ventures in many tech conferences and events.

The Quest Ventures Young Leaders Program is the foremost program in Asia for ambitious pre-university venture capital analyst interns, providing a 360-degree look at the tech ecosystem from technology investing to portfolio management. We value the insights that youth provides.

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