Sustainable Impact Fund

Impact with capital and technology

We believe that delivering value in today’s world includes consideration of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects. We know that reducing inequalities mean financial inclusion, healthcare, environmental sustainability, education and food for all.

Asia’s rapid but uneven development are challenges that we are addressing with a combination of capital and technology.

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Founder & CEO, Kapital Boost | INDONESIA

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Umar Munshi
Founder, | INDONESIA

Financial Inclusion

Despite rapid growth in incomes and quality of lives, 470 million people in Southeast Asia remain un-banked. Today, only 18% of adults receive their wages or pay their bills with bank accounts.

Access to basic financial products can hold the key to poverty reduction.


Adequate healthcare is a key challenge for Southeast Asia. Crowded medical facilities, short of trained personnel, and high treatment costs are key issues. By 2025, healthcare for the region is expected to be a USD 740 billion market.

Access to affordable and quality healthcare improves quality of lives.

Environmental Sustainability

Rapid economic growth has brought about challenges for our environment. Climate change, water security, air pollution, deforestation are but some of the important issues taxing nature.

Access to green technology brings environmental benefits to all of us.


Public institutions have not kept up with the demands of education. From infrastructure to curriculum, challenges exist across Southeast Asia to educate one of the world’s largest youth population.

Education provides uplift beyond the individual.


Farmers are usually at the part of the value chain where they work the hardest but reap the least. Unsustainable farming practices, unscrupulous middle layers, and uncertain financing are some of factors affecting food security.

Every grain of rice in our bowl is won by the sweat of the brow.

Core Values

Sustainability: Portfolio companies address the needs of the present without compromising opportunities for future generations.

Scalability: We invest in platforms, systems, and networks where there is significant opportunity to scale our impact.

Replicability: We focus on businesses solving global problems with localized solutions.


We have a clear definition of impact. Comprehensive impact measurement tools and frameworks measure, manage, and report the social and environmental performance of portfolio companies.

Proprietary sector-specific metrics enhances tracking and reporting.

Impact acceleration initiatives include advocacy, investment, world class partner benefits, and collaborations with the venture portfolio.

To get in touch with us for your impact initiative, send an email to [email protected].

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