Speed counts

Governments and enterprises work with Quest Ventures to drive innovation and disruption in emerging areas of strategic importance. Speed matters – disruption not owned is opportunity given to someone else.

Accelerating the top startups in Central Asia

Kazakhstan Digital Accelerator by Quest Ventures

The Kazakhstan Digital Accelerator taps into the emerging opportunities in Central Asia and brings best-in-class support from across the globe to accelerate the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Quest Ventures, in partnership with QazTech Ventures, brings the best of Southeast Asia and Central Asia under one roof.

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Malaysia's Silicon Valley

Malaysia Digital Accelerator by Quest Ventures

The Malaysia Digital Accelerator is right for high growth companies with proven revenues and the potential for 100% year-on-year growth over the next 1-5 years.

Quest Ventures, in partnership with ScaleUp Malaysia, backs high potential Malaysian startups in their regional ambitions.

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Community learning and growing

Startup Singapore Quest

The Startup Singapore Quest is Quest Ventures’ exclusive program under the Startup SG umbrella of programs to support startups in Singapore. It is focused on digital commerce and the broader digital economy.

Supported by Enterprise Singapore, a statutory agency under the Ministry of Trade & Industry of Singapore, Quest Ventures is proud to be a part of the first wave of accredited partners.

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Asia is the world's fastest growing region

Singapore Global Innovation by Quest Ventures

Asia is the world’s fastest growing region and Singapore is at the center of it. Startups across the globe expand into Asia by first dropping anchor in Singapore, and then catapulting into the region.

From Silicon Valley to Europe, national agencies for innovation and entrepreneurship work with Quest Ventures to help their startups grow.

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Ecosystem support in Vietnam

Vietnam Global Innovation by Quest Ventures

The Vietnam Global Innovation is Quest Ventures’ exclusive program with the Global Innovation Alliance to accelerate the entry of innovative startups into Vietnam.

The Global Innovation Alliance is managed by Enterprise Singapore, an agency of the Ministry of Trade & Industry in Singapore. It aims to strengthen linkages and partnerships with leading innovation hubs around the world, increasing access and opportunities for Singapore students and enterprises.

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Delegation visit to a iJAM Accelerator startup

iJAM Accelerator by Quest Ventures

The iJAM Accelerator is focused on digital technology. From 2013 to 2016, Quest Ventures managed the iJAM funding scheme for the Infocomm Media Development Authority (and at various points, the previous Media Development Authority, and the National Research Foundation). The Accelerator ran three batches over three years.

CHINA Global Mobile Challenge at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai

Global Mobile Challenge

Held across the world via EURASIA Mobile Challenge, LATAM Mobile Challenge, AFRICA Mobile Challenge, MENA Mobile Challenge, and EU Mobile Challenge, the ASIA-PACIFIC Mobile Challenge brings Asia Pacific economies together in a global event that covers 55 countries, created 1,500 startups and brought more than 5,400 participants together.

Quest Ventures is the ASIA-PACIFIC Mobile Challenge coordinator for Southeast Asia and China. Find out more at

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