Metaverse Fund

Igniting Web 3.0

The Quest Ventures Metaverse Fund advances ideas in Web 3.0 and backs entrepreneurs to take the state of the internet to the next level.


Unavoidable collision

The metaverse is a whole new space where the physical and digital worlds collide.

With rapid developments in blockchain, AIoT, 5G, XR, cloud computing, and other cutting-edge digital technologies, the metaverse will shape a new generation of the Internet.

Global hub

Fundamental shift

A fundamental shift is happening as the world transits from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.

Changes in the underlying technologies bring about opportunities and challenges that a new generation of entrepreneurs will explore and exploit.

Building blocks


Cutting-edge technologies underpin the new generation of internet.

Decentralisation, in the form of distributed ledger such as blockchain technologies, and token-based economics, will power new waves of commerce, privacy, relationships, and more.

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