Decarbonisation Fund

Carbon neutrality

We believe investments into carbon neutrality are important for the long-term good of the world. Our growing concerns for the effects of climate change have made carbon efforts a key focus.

Net zero is achievable if we start now.

Quest made our startup journey less bumpy. They give us control on how we should grow our business yet provide the right amount of guidance and support to ensure we avoid making costly mistakes. Quest’s vast network of connections has opened doors to new markets.

Erly Witoyo
Founder & CEO, Kapital Boost | INDONESIA

Quest gave us the confidence and credibility to execute our vision of being the largest Islamic Crowdfunding platform in the world.

Umar Munshi
Founder, | MALAYSIA

Carbon Offsetting

The mitigation of climate change can start by reducing greenhouse gas emission. Renewable energy, low carbon transportation and mobility solutions are part of the answer.

Start now.

Carbon Capture and Storage

It is not enough to increase emission reduction efforts. Technologies will need to be deployed to capture, transport, and store carbon. Sub soil carbon capture and sequestration technologies are increasingly efficient and available. Sustainable agriculture will also play an important role.

All hands on deck.

Carbon Tracking

Carbon footprint data intelligence will enable reliable measurement and mitigation efforts.

Data speaks.

Core Values

Sustainability: Portfolio companies address the needs of the present without compromising opportunities for future generations.

Scalability: We invest in platforms, systems, and networks where there is significant opportunity to scale our impact.

Replicability: We focus on businesses solving global problems with localized solutions.


Comprehensive impact measurement tools and frameworks measure, manage, and report the social and environmental performance of portfolio companies.

Proprietary sector-specific metrics enhances tracking and reporting.

Impact acceleration initiatives include advocacy, investment, world class partner benefits, and collaborations with the venture portfolio.

To get in touch with us for your impact initiative, send an email to [email protected].

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