Bringing stakeholders together

CHINA Global Mobile Challenge at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai

Global Mobile Challenge

Held across the world via EURASIA Mobile Challenge, LATAM Mobile Challenge, AFRICA Mobile Challenge, MENA Mobile Challenge, and EU Mobile Challenge, the ASIA-PACIFIC Mobile Challenge brings Asia Pacific economies together in a global event that covers 55 countries, created 1,500 startups and brought more than 5,400 participants together.

Quest Ventures is the ASIA-PACIFIC Mobile Challenge coordinator for Southeast Asia and China. Find out more at

National Youth Entrepreneurship Awards ceremony in Singapore

National Youth Entrepreneurship Awards

The nation’s highest accolade for youth entrepreneurship – the National Youth Entrepreneurship Awards – is the pinnacle recognition for youths in Singapore who are making an impact. Nominated by their peers, then recommended by their institutions, and finally evaluated by panels of esteemed judges, the grand ceremony is graced by the national minister in charge of entrepreneurship.

Organised annually by the national organisation for youth entrepreneurship, Quest Ventures is the title sponsor for the NYEA.

Sequoia Capital discusses fund-raising

Quest for Growth

Inspirational talks from entrepreneurs who have been there and done that; fund-raising strategies from renowned investors; business tactics from senior executives from around the globe; regulatory insights from public officials – they take time to share their experience with our teams.

Some events are exclusive to the Quest family, some are open to the public. See what’s coming up next.

SGAG emerge victors at the brutal soccer challenge

Quest for Glory

Strictly a Quest family affair, teams battle it out on the soccer field for the coveted Soccer Challenge Championship Cup or on the LAN for the ultimate Counter-Strike Offensive.

With our great bods and stamina, we prove we are not just data nerds.

Kicking off another quarterly Quest BBQ

Quarterly Quest BBQ

Once a quarter, we hold a totally awesome Quest family BBQ where founders get to know one another over food and drinks. Partners and friends of Quest are often invited. Occasionally, we invite well-known entrepreneurs and investors to share their thoughts.

This is a quarterly regional gathering not to be missed.

Hosting Zhejiang University

Host Visiting Delegations

We host many local and overseas delegations at our offices. Delegates include government agencies, teachers and students of entrepreneurship, multinational companies interested in innovation, and companies interested in expansion to Asia.

We introduce the local ecosystem, our challenges and advantages, and conclude with a walking tour.

Business mission to Silicon Valley

Business Missions

We believe in thinking global from day one so internationalisation is a key focus for our teams based in Southeast Asia. We have brought our teams on business missions to many parts of the world, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, and Silicon Valley.

Within China, we have brought our teams to key technology hubs outside Beijing such as Chengdu, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin and Xian.

APUS discusses Android landscape

Company Visits

Our locations in the key innovation hubs of China and Southeast Asia provide us proximity to many cutting edge companies. We visit them from time to time to keep up with the latest news.

We have brought our companies to meet with the leadership teams of industry leaders such as 500 Startups, Alibaba, AngelCrunch, APUS, Baidu, Google, Flex, Microsoft, PayPal, SVB, Temasek, and Xiaomi.

Dusk at Blk71

Coworking Space

Looking for a low-frills yet inspirational coworking space? Join us at Blk71!

Anchored at Blk71 since 2011, Quest Ventures is the largest private tenant at LaunchPad, managing discrete office lots and coworking spaces for our portfolio of companies. Find out more.

Interested in organising something with us? Get in touch at [email protected].