In the heart of Southeast Asia's Silicon Valley

Looking for a low-frills yet inspirational coworking space? Join us at Blk71!

Anchored at Blk71 since 2011, Quest Ventures was the largest private tenant at LaunchPad until the late 2010s, managing discrete office lots and coworking spaces for our portfolio of companies.

Southeast Asia's Silicon Valley

Tech Startup Hub of Singapore and Southeast Asia

Blk71 – termed the “world’s most tightly packed entrepreneurial ecosystem” by The Economist – has been our base since 2011. More blocks (“blks”) have sprouted up, and the area comprising Blocks 67, 69, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81 is called “LaunchPad”.

We believe in working side by side with the champions of tomorrow, and eschew upmarket offices in the CBD.

Dusk at Blk71


The original. The one block that saw the birth of Carousell,, Shopback, and more.

Quest Ventures’ range of units are for the use of our portfolio companies only. Our office doubles up as a coworking space for our younger startups. It is also where we have opened a limited number to select non-portfolio companies that want to build their companies starting from Blk71.

Dusk at Blk69

Social Collider

At Social Collider, startups focused on impact finally have a home in the heart of Southeast Asia’s tech ecosystem. The Social Collider is the largest impact space in Singapore that focuses on the United Nations Social Development Goals and enables social enterprises and non-profit organisations to scale up by plugging them into an ecosystem of capital and technology.

The Social Collider is an integral part of the Environmental, Social & Governance focus of Quest Ventures.

Wall of Heros


Step into the office which invested in and housed today’s startup heros such as, Carousell, Shopback, Oddle, Xfers, and many more.

Walk in the footsteps of Southeast Asia’s startup heros.

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Celebrating a festival with


Many relationships are serendipitous. Build ties and partnerships with fellow founders in the coworking space, and those who have expanded and now house their teams in office lots that we manage for them.

You are not alone when you are with us.

Having dinner from Timbre+ at our pantry

Low-frills, Not No-frills

We believe in taking care of the basics and nothing more. Our founders are here to build businesses, not enjoy exquisite coffees with soft piped music.

A simple microwave, refrigerator, hard tack biscuits of all kinds, and plenty of brewed coffee and tea make up a simple pantry. Fast wifi, dedicated desks, meeting room, and sofas make up the platform from which you will build the next big thing.

We are proudly low-frills.

Cheap food, good company

Food, Drinks, Transport

Cheap and good food are available from Timbre+ and food courts nearby. Timbre+ provides live music at night in a delectably open air atmosphere. Chill the night away with people in the ecosystem. Spot well-known startup founders too.

The nearest MRT/ subway station is one-North which connects to the East-West interchange in one stop, and takes you to the CBD within 30 minutes.

Carousell hosts a Quest BBQ


At least one event a day takes place at Launchpad. Covering a wide range of topics, events are good breaks from work, provide good networking, and the occasional free meals!

Selected open Quest Ventures’ events such as Quest for Growth, Quest for Glory, and Quest BBQs round up our learning, having fun and getting peer support. Find out more.

Want to build the next big thing from the Quest Ventures coworking space? Get in touch at [email protected].