Giving back

We rest in the shade of trees that our ancestors planted. Our work today is only possible because of the environments our countries created.

From pro bono mentoring to serving on boards of non-profits, the extended Quest Family goes beyond itself to lend a hand to uplift communities where we can.

Bringing the community together


We are widely known for our efforts to bring together communities in the cities that we are in. From delivering significant savings for boot-strapping entrepreneurs to running events, we are firmly plugged into our adopted homes.

Competitive events, hosting delegations, and business visits round up our community efforts.

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Entrepreneurs learning from one another


Our mentors hail from varied industries and come with a wide range of experience. They volunteer with entrepreneurs as their sounding boards that result in meaningful relationships that stand the test of economic cycles.

Mentors serve as board directors, advisors, or friendly shoulders to lean on.

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Returns are not just measured financially

Responsible Investment

We believe that returns measured financially are just one part of the picture. From broad goals such as building a sustainable future to specific agendas such as greenhouse gas emissions, we participate to the best of our capability.

Quest Ventures selectively participates in initiatives by global organisations to ensure responsible investment.

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Lives with impact

Non-Profits & Charities

We understand that many organisations devote their energies to making the world a better place – something that we hope to do but know we can never do as well as them. To that end, we sponsor organisations that drive initiatives we firmly believe in. These initiatives include youth, aged, and entrepreneurship.

Quest Ventures found, serve as pro bono board directors, or sponsor in cash or in-kind.

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