Non-Profits & Charities

Lives with impact

We sponsor organisations that drive initiatives we firmly believe in. We found, serve as pro bono board directors, or sponsor in cash or in-kind.

National recognition in Singapore

Champions of Good

The Champions of Good recognises organisations that are exemplary in their corporate giving and have also been a multiplier by engaging their partners and stakeholders on a collaborative giving journey. The award was launched in 2017 as a national recognition framework by Singapore’s National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, in partnership with the Singapore Business Federation Foundation, supported by the Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth, and in support of SG Cares.

Quest Ventures is a proud recipient of the Champions of Good.

Youth community engagement in Singapore

Social Impact Catalyst

ASEAN’s largest youth social entrepreneurship organisation has been encouraging the ecosystem to take up social causes. The Social Impact Catalyst tackles challenge statements and practicums provided by impact organisations including our impact portfolio.

Quest Ventures supports Social Impact Catalyst. Find out more at

Uplifting children

Chi Heng Foundation

Chi Heng Foundation aims to promote equal opportunity and the elimination of discrimination against minority groups and under-privileged members of the society. Its “Program for AIDS-impacted Children” provides long-term, holistic support to AIDS-impacted children in China. It has also extended its services to other students who have endured poverty, sickness in the family, or discrimination.

Quest Ventures supports Chi Heng Foundation. Find out more at

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