Asia's top founders get their first investments from Quest Ventures

“The best kind of investors are those who are entrepreneurs themselves.”

Founder & CEO

“Constantly challenges us to think bigger and serves as our go-to sounding board.”

Co-Founder & CEO

“It’s awesome that they were with us through both the good and bad times.”

Founder & CEO

“Gave us the confidence and credibility to execute our vision.”

Founder & CEO
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调查:资金、连接性和市场覆盖表现优异 本地起步公司生态系统亚洲排第五名

Lianhe Zaobao 根据最新发布的2021年《全球起步公司生态系统报告》,新加坡在亚洲和全球排名跟去年一样维持不变,亚洲排第五名,全球排第17名。 这项研究由国际创业调查公司Startup Genome牵头,并与全球创业网络(GEN)和本地的创业行动社群(Action Community for Entrepreneurship,简称ACE)合作完成。 报告主要根据绩效、资金、连接性、市场覆盖率、知识和人才等六个因素,给各城市评分和排名,今年报告涵盖了全球300万多家公司、近300个生态系统的数据,以及全球1万多名起步公司高管的调查。 对此,创业行动社群指出,我国政府已增加更多研发资金,如政府将通过“研究、创新与企业2025计划”,在未来五年投入250亿元,继续强化和深化我国的创新和研发能力。 创业行动社群说:“报告凸显了全面发展我国起步公司生态系统中每一个参与者的重要性——从起步公司到企业,以至高等教育机构和投资者。一个强大、紧密联系的生态系统将为起步公司提供更好的共享平台,让它们能利用创意、资金或人才等各类资源。” 创业行动社群主席陈中表示,该协会将继续努力促进知识和人才的无缝转移,以支持本地起步公司,提高新加坡作为一个繁荣和具吸引力的起步公司生态系统的地位。 More

questventures Michelle Ng hosted a workshop on fund-raising for impact startups at the "Impact Through Inspiration - E-Ideathon 2021 @ North West" organised by NTU Welfare Services Club.

Over a compact weekend, part...

We are in key cities where innovation and disruption with technology is taking place at an incredible pace

James has been very genuine to help in any way possible and is quick to do so. Constantly challenges us to think bigger and serves as our go-to sounding board for fund raising and other operational matters. Humble and approachable too despite the immense success he’s had with 55tuan.

Quek Siu Rui

Co-Founder & CEO, Carousell | SINGAPORE

Quest gave us the confidence and credibility to execute our vision of being the largest Islamic Crowdfunding platform in the world.

Umar Munshi

Founder, | INDONESIA

The best kind of investors are those who are entrepreneurs themselves, and James is one of the best in that category – he is authentic, supportive and knowledgeable. He is both a great coach for founders, as well as a master tactician in execution, a combination that is rare and incredibly valuable to find in an investor.

Darius Cheung

Founder & CEO, | SINGAPORE

The Kazakhstan Digital Accelerator charged us forward. We know exactly what to do and how to get to where we want to be.

Doszhan Zhussupov

Co-founder, Cerebra | KAZAKHSTAN

Great learning and sharing by coaches. Their experience pushed us to excel higher and faster.

Carmen Chuang


In less than two hours, Quest Ventures’ insights helped us understand Southeast Asia way better than all the talks combined that we have attended.

Hubert Ian Lee

Founder & CEO, Quadby | MALAYSIA

This has been an awesome journey. The team transformed us from a cocoon to a butterfly.

Pennie Lim


They were my sounding-board and partners whom I can turn to for advice and ideas. The structured coaching, the relevant sharing, the availability of materials relevant to managing and growing the business were what I found to be most valuable.

Nadira Mohd Yusoff

Founder & CEO, Kiddocare | MALAYSIA

Quest is the best at turning amateurs into professionals. I know what I’m talking about.

Yerzhan Ryskaliyev

Co-founder & CEO, Clockster | KAZAKHSTAN

Quest made our startup journey less bumpy. They give us control on how we should grow our business yet provide the right amount of guidance and support to ensure we avoid making costly mistakes. Quest’s vast network of connections has opened doors to new markets.

Erly Witoyo

Founder & CEO, Kapital Boost | INDONESIA

Venture Capital for Startups
Since 2011, Quest Ventures has focused on an overarching ‘digital economy’​ strategy across Asia, and is one of the largest early-stage technology investors in artificial intelligence, e-commerce and marketplaces, entertainment, finance, food, insurance, logistics, media, property, sports, and the Islamic digital economy. Portfolio companies include industry leaders such as, Carousell, Carro, Ethis, Glife, MGAG/ PGAG/ SGAG, Oddle, Shopback, VulcanPost, Xfers, and Yummy Corporation. More

Innovation for Enterprises
In partnership with Silicon Valley’s pre-eminent Applied Innovation Institute, Quest Ventures’​ enterprise innovation initiative drives industry and corporate transformation for at-risk sectors based on world class research, local knowledge, and collaboration with startups. Sectors covered include alternative food, aviation, banking, insurance, logistics & transportation, oil & gas, and smart cities. Clients include Applied Materials, Coca-Cola, HP, Nissan, and Tencent. More

Impact Capital for Good
Quest Ventures’ multi-dimensional environment, social and governance strategy was the first in Asia for a venture firm, and supports a range of social good initiatives across Asia for financial inclusion, gender, healthcare and education for all. Impact acceleration initiatives include advocacy, investment, world class partner benefits, and collaborations with the venture portfolio. Portfolio organisations include Hatch, Social Collider, and PBMT Indonesia. More

Potential of Asia
Asia’s potential is ultimately realized in its people. By the end of 2020, Quest Ventures’ portfolio of 90+ venture-backed companies operate in more than 150 cities across Asia, creating employment and advancement opportunities for more than 4,400 employees, while our Enterprise and ESG efforts directly impact thousands more. More