Firm History

Building a firm brick by proverbial brick, across economic cycles, for the long term



Wang Yunming, President of Tsinghua Internet Association, and James Tan, President of the VC & PE Club co-founded 55tuan. Lin Pingping and Jin Ming, both Tsinghua PhD candidates in computer science, and Liu Chuanjun, a rocket scientist from Chinese Academy of Sciences, joined.


Replicability and scalability

Having raised its first venture capital round after multiple rejections from venture capital firms, 55tuan begins a rapid expansion across Mainland China that eventually totaled 5,000 employees across 200 cities.


Voice of entrepreneurs

James Tan joins the board of the Action Community for Entrepreneurship, joining other illustrious Singaporean entrepreneurs such as Richard Eu of Eu Yan Sang, Ong Peng Tsin of Interwoven, and Inderjit Singh of UTAC in this public-private board for entrepreneurship advocacy.

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