Venture Capital Accelerated


Venture Capital Accelerated demystifies venture capital deals and startup financing in an interactive and accelerated course for students and professionals looking to break into the venture capital industry, advance their careers, and enact changes in the startup and innovation ecosystem.

Quest’s team dedication to put everything together is so much appreciated. The course is filled with young talent from diverse backgrounds which creates valuable peer learning experiences. We love the way Quest team is very “down-to-earth” and open to share their knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend this course to university students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs who want step into venture capital for a rewarding career or for nailing your fundraising. Big thanks to Quest’s efforts and engagement to help the Southeast Asia startup ecosystem thrive!

Thuy Ho

Partnership Manager, Sunwah Innovations | Vietnam

An intense but fulfilling crash course with a wide variety of speakers and invaluable insights! The welcoming and candid environment where all questions are welcomed really helps to clarify the intricacies of the VC world that are not commonly known.

Lim Cheng Kai

Chairperson, iGEM EPIC | SINGAPORE

James was extremely candid! It was really fun, definitely intensive but very rewarding at the end. I learned a lot about the ins and outs of venture capital and its best practices!

Keith Tan

Associate, Protege Ventures | SINGAPORE

Proactive participants and case studies in the region gave me additional knowledge. I love how it turned out – definitely a good program!

Hyacynthia Kesuma

Investment Analyst, ANGIN | INDONESIA

This course has paved the way for many individuals to begin their career in venture capital. From teaching the fundamentals to getting prominent speakers to share their extensive knowledge to the invaluable opportunity to apply what we have learnt on a real startup, attending this course was 100% worth it.

Danya Jeyabalan

Founder, Boundless Hype | SINGAPORE

A huge win for me is that I am now able to have in-depth conversations on VC and startups. This course has sparked an interest which I intend to continue.

Amrusha Muralidharan

Associate, NUS Alumni Ventures | SINGAPORE

Compact and succulent. Demystifying venture capital!

Adam Ihsan

Co-founder & CEO, SUBX | SINGAPORE

Program Code: VCA202

Startups are changing the digital economy, and venture capitalists are the fuel driving the startup economy all around the world. By providing startups with capital and guidance that they would otherwise not have access to, venture capitalists have enabled founders to transform big ideas into reality.

In this course, you will learn about the basic economics of venture capital, the functioning of the venture capital industry, the fundraising process for startups and the development of an investment thesis consistent with your investment goals and strategy.

By tapping on our large network of partners, founders, and mentors, you will be able to interact with key players who have amassed a wealth of experience in the venture capital scene to sharpen perspectives to strengthen investment fundamentals and apply learnings in simulations and real experiences.

At the end of the course, you will be able to begin your venture capital journey with your network of seasoned investors, founders and cohort, and a certification of achievement.

Lead Instructor

James Tan is the Managing Partner at Quest Ventures. Prior to this, James was co-founder and COO of 55tuan, a NASDAQ listed e-commerce group in China. James serves as an advisor or board member on the Applied Innovation Institute, Action Community for Entrepreneurship (ACE), Business Angel Network of Southeast Asia (BANSEA) and more.

Course Curator

Paris de l’Etraz has spent over 20 years in investment banking and venture capital, mainly at UBS Bank and ABN AMRO. He is the Managing Director of the Venture Lab at IE Business School and the Chairman of the Board of Applied Innovation Institute.

Suitable Applicants

If you are an aspiring or junior venture capitalist, angel investor, entrepreneur, investment managers or an executive exploring career opportunities in fast growing venture-backed companies, this course is for you.

Program Outline

Venture Capital Accelerated is a fast-track 5 day virtual program. The program includes:

  1. Introduction to Venture Capital and the Business Model
  2. Developing an Investment Thesis
  3. Startup Evaluation
  4. Marketing as a VC
  5. The Due Diligence Process
  6. Crafting an Investment Memo
  7. Valuations and Returns
  8. Vietnam Market Access

The program includes a panel and ask-me-anything session with Asia’s top investors as guest speakers.

Participants are invited to apply the skill sets in a team-oriented Reverse Pitch, where you will be presented with a startup to ask the right questions, evaluate them, negotiate the terms, and pitch to justify for or against an investment.


Day 1

  1. Introduction to Venture Capital and the Business Model
    • Background of the VC and startup ecosystem
    • Startup fundraising process
    • Structure of a venture capital fund
  2. Developing an Investment Thesis
    • Developing and deploying an investment thesis and strategy
    • Case studies of Quest Ventures investment thesis and companies
  3. Startup Evaluation
    • Deal sourcing in nascent and mature industries
    • Asking the right questions
    • Identifying high growth investment opportunities

Day 2

  1. The Due Diligence Process
    • Building a due diligence checklist
    • Key questions and blind spots in company analysis
    • Building a framework to negotiate, price, and structure the best terms
  2. Crafting an Investment Memo
    • Best practices in writing an investment memo
    • Case studies
    • Marketing and its Impact as a VC

Day 3

  1. Valuations and Returns
    • Application of valuation methods
    • Financial modelling and metrics
    • Changes in valuation through fundraising rounds
    • Understanding various exit strategies
  2. Key Emerging Economy Market Access
    • Startup ecosystems
    • Market access for a startup to enter and navigate emerging markets
  3. Reverse Pitch
    • Release of case
    • Team formation and discussion
    • Meeting the founders

Day 4

  1. Panel with leadership of venture firms
  2. AMA session with leadership of venture firms

Day 5

  1. Reverse Pitch Presentation and Review
  2. Review and Certification presentation

Course Fees

Venture Capital Accelerated is USD 2,500 per individual.


Quest Ventures “Venture Leader Scholarship” awards budding investors and entrepreneurs to get their first taste of the venture capital scene and to inspire their fellow peers.

Scholarships are granted to:

  1. Top applicant in each country
  2. Youth leaders (25 and under)
  3. Female leaders
  4. Ethnic minorities

Frequently Asked Questions

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