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Investment syndicates originated from Silicon Valley as a means for angel investors to pool together their funding and participate as a group (ie, syndicate) to fund startups.

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Investment Syndicates

Quest Ventures investment syndicates provide opportunities for accredited investors to participate in fund-raising rounds of privately-held startups that Quest Ventures is targeting investments into.

Invest in game changers.

Meet up in key cities across Asia


Syndicates investors are part of our Quest Family, an extensive network of mentors, executives, founders and investors who work with portfolio companies to help them grow. Join our frequent meetings in the key cities that we operate in.

Welcome to the Quest Family.

Signing of MOU in Vietnam

Invest across Asia

Local investors can provide market insights that aid a startup’s competitiveness and market entry. From angels to institutional investors, a growing investment ecosystem is always on the look out for the next exciting startup to back.

Invest in the world’s fastest growing region.

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Invest across Industries

From digital commerce to sustainable impact, Quest Ventures covers many emerging and over the horizon opportunities with our in-house research and work with partners across Asia.




Learn with us as we conduct deal sourcing, due diligence and portfolio management. The Quest Ventures Academy provides training for both investors and startups across many important topics.


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Shape the Future

Seed and shape the future of things to come with early investments into emerging trends, enterprising founders, and disruptive ideas.


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