Real responsibilities

Whether you are a student looking to enter the financial industry or an aspiring entrepreneur, this is an opportunity to be close to the action.

Internships are structured into 3- and 6-month durations, based in either Beijing (for China) or Singapore (for Southeast Asia). 12-month internships are exclusively for NUS Overseas Colleges applicants.

Soh Ruimin
Analyst Intern, Summer 2022
First job upon graduation: Monetary Authority of Singapore

Bachelor of Business Administration (Accountancy) with Honours (Distinction). National University of Singapore

Compliance with the highest standards

Ruimin joined as an analyst intern, and dived into the voluminous paperwork and processes to enable Quest Ventures to be compliant with the high standards that the Monetary Authority of Singapore holds it to.

I took charge of the firm’s compliance efforts, preparing regulatory submissions to meet stringent reporting requirements and timelines expected by the Authority.

She joined many meetings on regulatory compliance, responded effectively to queries, and implemented suggested improvements.

She also participated in the due diligence of investments in key geographies, and was responsible for improvements in standard operating procedures for new investments.

Vanessa Ho
Analyst Intern, Spring 2021
First job upon graduation: SO-COL

Bachelor of Business Administration, and Communications and New Media. Stephen Riady Young Entrepreneurship Award. National University of Singapore

Communications wizardry

Vanessa joined as an analyst intern and immediately created several long-lasting initiatives. She started the firm’s podcast series on the startup ecosystem, led the organisation of a thematic seminar, and led the curation of a venture capital course for budding professionals.

I conceptualised the podcast “Questions With” and established processes around its creation and marketing.

She took the lead on many initiatives and drove outcomes that positioned Quest Ventures well globally.

She participated in the due diligence of investments in key geographies, and was especially crucial to the success of a thematic fund.

Stan Wong
Associate Intern, Summer 2020
First job upon graduation: Strategy&

Manufacturing Engineering Tripos (BA & MEng). Sidney Sussex College. University of Cambridge

Regulatory innovation

Stan joined as an associate intern, and conducted research on digital currencies including the meta-group of sub-types such as virtual currency, cryptocurrency, e-Cash, and Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC).

Central Bank Digital Currency was new and China was at the forefront of this development. I worked with our China-based team to deepen my understanding of digital currencies, and its relevance for the future of money and the future of finance.

He joined many research meetings and facilitated important conversations with stakeholders to form our thesis of how the development of CBDC in China can provide important reality checks for governments around the world considering their own implementations.

He participated in the due diligence of investments in key geographies. Leveraging our extensive web traffic, he also oversaw the creation of a microsite for talent recruitment for portfolio companies.

Jerome Lim
Analyst Intern, Spring 2020
First job upon graduation: Accenture

BBA (Hons with Highest Distinction) in Marketing & University Scholars’ Programme. Dean’s List and recipient of multiple awards, including the NUS Global Merit Scholarship, USP Honour Roll, and representative for Princeton University’s Diplomatic Invitational. National University of Singapore

Setting standards

Jerome joined as an analyst intern, conducted due diligence on investments, and was instrumental in the adopting of a new capital vehicle for Quest Ventures’ new funds.

The Variable Capital Company, a corporate structure newly launched by MAS, was the focus of my work at Quest Ventures. I was tasked with understanding, evaluating, and adapting our firm for it. Needless to say, the coordination with various stakeholders made for a steep but fulfilling learning curve.

He coordinated with the firm’s lawyers, accountants, and other service providers to ensure an optimal roll out of the VCC for our fund’s practices.

In operations, he oversaw the relocation of our headquarters in Singapore on-time and on-budget despite challenges brought on by the global COVID-19 pandemic. He created standard operating procedures for many functions in the company, wrote an industry report, and conducted preliminary research on innovation in a key geography.

Chloe Xie
Analyst Intern, Summer 2019
First job upon graduation: BlackRock

B.A. Business Economics. Dean’s Honors List. University of California, Los Angeles


Chloe joined as an analyst intern and was promptly put to analyse a heavy pipeline of potential investments.

At Quest Ventures, I was looking at dozens of business plans a day from founders across the world who are all working on very different challenges. The work of a venture capital analyst requires the ability to put on different thinking caps when we evaluate deals.

She met with startups as they moved through the evaluation process, and conducted due diligence including business modelling, strategy gaming, operations observations, personnel interviews, and customer surveys.

In research, she also helped with industry scanning in crypto assets and financial services, shaping insights that assisted the forming of investment strategies.

Tessa Sim
Analyst Intern, Summer 2018
First job upon graduation: BlackRock

BBM. Singapore Management University

Helping angels soar

Tessa joined as an analyst intern and was put in charge of managing and growing the country’s oldest angel investment network together with its executive team.

During my secondment, I balanced the needs of a national-level organisation that represented Southeast Asia’s top angel investors and their investments, with the growing needs of a venture capital firm that was creating best-in-class practices to work with ecosystem stakeholders.

She coordinated with internal and external stakeholders to execute community engagement activities, refocused its marketing initiatives, and shaped its public voice. She did these while balancing her venture capital investment work at Quest Ventures.

Emphasizing the importance of our relationships with strategic partners, her work with the angel investment network continued after her internship with Quest Ventures and created a lasting impact on the stakeholders she served.

Chia Yingwen
Analyst Intern, Summer 2017
First job upon graduation: KPMG

 B.ACBS. (Hons) (Double Degree in Accountancy and Business). Dean’s List and recipient of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) Scholarship. Nanyang Technological University

Accounting for results

Yingwen joined as an analyst intern and was promptly placed in charge of the accounting and audit of a group holding company that Quest Ventures was working with.

I was entrusted with significant responsibility from the start. I was able to apply theory to practice and as such my appreciation of accounting increased dramatically. My internship at Quest Ventures provided me many opportunities to apply theories to actual cases.

He coordinated with the finance departments and consolidated the financial reports of subsidiaries in the group. He optimised old processes and created new ones for the on-going reporting requirements that stakeholders required.

Emphasizing the importance of our relationships with strategic partners, his work with us took him to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Khor Qianyi
Analyst Intern, Winter 2016
First job upon graduation: Quest Ventures

B.Sc. (Hons) in Quantitative Finance. NUS Undergraduate Scholarship. National University of Singapore

Creating impact

Qianyi joined as an analyst intern via the NUS Overseas Colleges programme, and took charge of the proposal, due diligence and eventual award of a Singapore government-backed funding scheme to Quest Ventures.

Quest Ventures’ open environment and varied business lines created an opening for me to push for more focus on impact investing. This eventually materialized in our Environmental, Social & Governance initiative.

She drove the creation of a new business unit for social good, in which a deliberate focus was on impact investment aligned with the United Nations Social Development Goals. She also continued to drive our work in the Greater Mekong Subregion through local and international agencies, and anchored our presence in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Emphasizing the importance of our relationships with strategic partners, her work with us took her to Bangkok, Thailand; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Batam and Jakarta, Indonesia; Seoul, South Korea; Manila, The Philippines; and Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Jasmine Toh
Analyst Intern, Winter 2015
First job upon graduation: Quest Ventures

B.Soc.Sci. (Hons with Distinction) in Economics. Dean’s List and recipient of Temasek Foundation Scholarship. National University of Singapore

Driving key initiatives

As an analyst intern via the NUS Overseas Colleges programme, Jasmine was first posted to Beijing, China to be on secondment with a portfolio company, where she took charge of the public relations of the company and managed partners in China and in the US.

Quest Ventures expanded my horizons with new theories to learn, practical skills to acquire, and the importance of EQ. Even as an intern, I took part in many business trips in China, Southeast Asia and the US, and participated in high-level conferences, senior meetings and confabs.

Upon her return to Singapore, she guided new interns, managed the portfolio, administered a Singapore government-backed funding scheme, and managed our co-working space (which had by then anchored Quest Ventures as the largest tenant at JTC LaunchPad @ one-North).

Emphasizing the importance of our relationships with strategic partners, her work with us took her to Bangalore, India; Hangzhou, Zhejiang; Guangzhou, Guangdong; and Tianjin, China; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Bali and Jakarta, Indonesia; and Silicon Valley.

Valencia Lim
Analyst Intern, Summer 2014
First job upon graduation: Ministry of Trade & Industry

B.Soc.Sci. (Hons with Distinction) in Political Science & University Scholars’ Programme. Dean’s List and recipient of multiple awards, including the NUS Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship & DUO-Singapore Exchange Fellowship. National University of Singapore

Cross border promotion

Seconded to a Quest Ventures’ portfolio company, Valencia was instrumental in getting the product launch done right, working long hours in the cold winter season to do so, and earning the respect and love of her colleagues at the same time.

My time with Quest Ventures provided the breadth and depth of exposure that I don’t think I would have gotten in any other firm. The strategic work I was trusted to do across marketing, operations and business development in both China and Singapore gave me a strong indication of how exciting – and how tough – the world of entrepreneurship can be!

She analysed the trends in the tourism industry and translated them into actionable strategies for tapping into the wave of cross border activities, which resulted in improved targeting, increased traffic and an uplift in transactions.

In operations, she brought delegations to cities in China and introduced companies in similar fields to them as case studies, also facilitating networking and business expansion opportunities. Her work with us took her to Tianjin and Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Chloe Chuah
Associate Intern, Winter 2014
First job upon graduation: Accenture

LL.M. with Distinction, University of Pennsylvania Law School
M.Sc. in Finance and Strategy, Sciences Po Paris
B.A. First Class Honors in Interdisciplinary Studies in History, Law, Economics, Political Science. Graduated Cum Laude (Top 5%). Sciences Po Paris

Executing difficult projects

As a winter associate intern, Chloe assisted a foreign hardware startup targeting the China market with its negotiation with a manufacturer in Qingdao, Shandong, China. She led negotiations and helped the startup navigate rules, both spoken and unspoken, to successfully conclude a partnership that was beneficial to all parties.

It was an amazing 4 months with Quest Ventures in China. Every day was different and the multitude of projects I worked on provided me with many perspectives on how business is done in China and in venture capital.

Based in Beijing, Chloe actively took part in tech conferences in the city and represented Quest Ventures at many events. She also undertook due diligence and planned and executed projects in cities such as Xi’an, Shaanxi, and Hangzhou, Zhejiang.

Chloe created the framework for the fund’s engagement with a non-governmental organisation and structured it in compliance with local laws and to the satisfaction of all parties – colleagues and external parties including entrepreneurs, corporations and partners throughout China, the United States and Southeast Asia.

Anna Hsieh
Public Relations Intern, Summer 2013
First job upon graduation: Financial Times

B.A. in Journalism, Tsinghua University
Top scholar Taiwan cohort

Crafting our message

Anna took our marketing channels and optimised them with a combination of social networks and traditional media. She worked with both large and small event organisers for visibility creation which resulted in Quest Ventures and our portfolio participating in many major technology conferences in China.

Once I have proven myself in small projects, the autonomy given to me for major engagements was amazing and reflective of the trust given to everyone regardless of their full-time or intern status. I engaged with major media outlets and partners, and had the opportunity to travel within China while doing so. I grew professional considerably during the internship.

Working with foreign media and national media such as China Central Television, Quest Ventures’ perspectives on venture capital were highlighted in many instances.

As the top Taiwanese scholar, Anna was invited to participate at cross-border conferences promoting ties between Taiwan and Mainland China, during which technology, innovation and startups were key themes highlighted as major forms of collaboration, dating back to the days of semi-conductor manufacturing.

See Wei Jie
Analyst Intern, Winter 2012
First job upon graduation: ExxonMobil

Bachelors in Business Management (Honors), Finance. Graduated Summa Cum Laude. Dean’s List and recipient of multiple scholarships, including Best Student for Business Law. Singapore Management University

Creating thought leadership

Wei Jie felt that Quest Ventures had many primary and secondary sources of data that were retained internally for analysis but which could also be added with our perspective and released to the public to demonstrate our thought-leadership.

I chose to focus deeply into one area and was given autonomy to craft the research. With regular inputs from the partners and frequent interactions with the ecosystem, it became clear to all of us that this report would become the catalyst for tech startups. On hindsight, my internship with Quest Ventures in China was the best internship decision I took.

He was instrumental in the preparation of such a report on the Chinese startup incubation scene. This report was completed outstandingly, resulted in a public launch, and shaped the company’s strategy for working with incubators.

Looking for data to formulate what would become the Zhongguancun Chuangyedajie (Zhongguancun Innovation Street), the Beijing municipal government included Quest Ventures as a member of the steering committee for innovation and entrepreneurship efforts. Beijing’s efforts were subsequently quickly emulated by the rest of the country.

Clarissa Chua
Analyst Intern, Summer 2012
First job upon graduation: Jones Lang Lasalle

B.Sc. in Real Estate (Honors) with Minor in Technopreneurship, National University of Singapore

No Quest Ventures without her

As a year-long analyst intern via the NUS Overseas Colleges programme, Clarissa was put through a two-phase training programme with the first half handling projects related to international (non-China) investments, and the second half on internal (China) projects.

This was an unforgettable journey. On my second week at work, I was already representing the company in a delegation to Caofeidian, Hebei. Looking back, I wasn’t sure how I survived given the many tasks assigned to me. Yet despite the busy schedule, we found time for fun and build long-lasting relationships with colleagues. Team-building getaways such as trips to the Great Wall were just awesome!

She took on responsibilities such as deal-sourcing, case analyses and preliminary due diligence. As the first intern we hired, she was instrumental in shaping HR policies on hiring and staff benefits.

She was key to the setting up of our new office and incubation/ co-working space which resulted in Quest Ventures becoming the first venture capital firm to move into Zhongguancun, the Silicon Valley of China, during a period when most other VCs were situated in the financial or central business districts.

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