From 1 to 100

The Quest Ventures Capstone is an important part of the Quest Ventures investment process. It increases the impact of our investment and aligns all stakeholders to the vision and mission of the portfolio company with quantifiable goals.

To accomplish this, Quest Ventures Capstone team works with the founders and key executives of portfolio companies to deliver, in 100 days, an executable audacious plan for the next 365 days.


In 100 days, founders and their key executives speed through Quest Ventures Capstone methodology to deliver outsized yet achievable goals within the next 365 days. A blend of qualitative and quantitative analyses provide transparency and accountability to all stakeholders.

From personal coaching to financial analyses, community mentoring to gap analyses, the Capstone process is unique from company to company yet drives the same outcome – a transformed company punching above its weight and ready to take on the world within 100 days.

In Asia, Quest Ventures is the first and only venture firm to systematically drive enterprise performance to the next level.

James has been very genuine to help in any way possible and is quick to do so. Constantly challenges us to think bigger and serves as our go-to sounding board for fund raising and other operational matters. Humble and approachable too despite the immense success he’s had with 55tuan.

Quek Siu Rui
Co-Founder & CEO, Carousell | SINGAPORE

Quest has a deep understanding of female issues and big data. It’s awesome that they were with us through both the good and bad times. I can always count on them to be available.

Founder & CEO, WatchOverMe | MALAYSIA

Quest gave us the confidence and credibility to execute our vision of being the largest Islamic Crowdfunding platform in the world.

Umar Munshi
Founder, | MALAYSIA

The best kind of investors are those who are entrepreneurs themselves, and James is one of the best in that category – he is authentic, supportive and knowledgeable. He is both a great coach for founders, as well as a master tactician in execution, a combination that is rare and incredibly valuable to find in an investor.

Darius Cheung
Founder & CEO, | SINGAPORE

The Kazakhstan Digital Accelerator charged us forward. We know exactly what to do and how to get to where we want to be.

Doszhan Zhussupov
Co-founder, Cerebra | KAZAKHSTAN

Quest made our startup journey less bumpy. They give us control on how we should grow our business yet provide the right amount of guidance and support to ensure we avoid making costly mistakes. Quest’s vast network of connections has opened doors to new markets.

Erly Witoyo
Founder & CEO, Kapital Boost | INDONESIA

What We Do

Outsized impact
The Quest Ventures Capstone drives outsized impact by identifying the base from which the portfolio company is starting from, and set achievable, audacious goals for the next 365 days.


We consult with the board and executive suite to discover constraints and breakthroughs that frequently involve rethinking traditional methods.

Self-mastery and Landscape scanning
We deep dive into the company and thoroughly understand its strengths and weaknesses. We then scan the landscape to discover the opportunities and challenges facing the industry, and map out success in meaningful timelines.

We quantify deliverables and implement solutions with senior executives and line managers, driving small wins quickly that culminate in outsized results in 365 days.

To get in touch with us for your business idea, send an email to [email protected].

The best way to guarantee a response is to have one of the founders in our Quest family make an introduction for you.