Lifelong learning

The Academy brings together thought leaders, founders, and investors in workshops, seminars and courses designed to equip the next generation of thinkers and doers with in-depth knowledge of the startup and innovation ecosystem.

Global faculty

World Class Faculty

The Applied Innovation Institute and Quest Ventures are homes to the most respected faculty in entrepreneurship and innovation around the world. Founders, investors and academics from diverse backgrounds and extensive domain knowledge teach here.

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From single seminars to semester-length courses, the Academy conducts a variety of curated programs designed to accommodate different learning styles and schedules, and most important, impact outcomes at scale.

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Classroom experience

Blended Experience

The blended experience ensures that the time spent on learning is maximized. Students attend lectures online while gathering in-person for seminars and projects. International students appreciate the efficiency of such an arrangement where on-site learning gives minimal disruption to their professional and personal lives.

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Grow Networks

Get connected with the many founders, investors and thought leaders in our community through the programs you attend and the alumni network that you will become a part of.

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Global Venture Capital

The Global Venture Capital is a five day program designed for investors worldwide to enhance their ability to strategically define, negotiate and execute early stage investments on a global scale.

Venture Capital Accelerated

Venture Capital Accelerated is a fast-track part-time program to introduce the fundamentals of venture capital for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. Scholarships available.

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