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The blended experience ensures that the time spent on learning is maximized. Students attend lectures online while gathering in-person for seminars and projects. International students appreciate the efficiency of such an arrangement where on-site learning gives minimal disruption to their professional and personal lives.

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Loved being part of Venture Capital Accelerated! Even after working in the startup industry for many years, I learned a lot and it was fantastic to get an inside look to how other VCs operate and what the gold standard looks like. I will definitely be putting this knowledge to use.

Beth Henderson
Singapore Lead, Startupbootcamp | SINGAPORE

The VCA was a game-changer for me as a startup founder. It will help me navigate the fundraising process confidently. An absolute must-attend for any entrepreneur seeking to understand and succeed.

Chew Soo Yan
Founder, Pro-health Water Technologies | SINGAPORE

I am grateful for the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of how a VC fund operates. Thank you Quest Ventures.

Denny Hermawan Lompo
Head, Commercial Innovation Banking, PT Bank Neo Commerce | INDONESIA

Clear teachings that provided insights from both sides of the table. Highly recommended.

Ng Yong Jie
Founder and CEO, Revente | SINGAPORE

Venture Capital Accelerated is a great crash course for founders looking to fundraise and students looking to break into venture capital. It gives a succinct overview into how a VC thinks and operates, and provides a useful point-of-view from the other side of the negotiating table.

Khairul Rusydi
Co-founder and CEO, Reactor School | SINGAPORE

This program is really useful for those who are passionate about startups, providing a comprehensive and in-depth look into the field of venture capital.

Tristin Nguyen
Student, FPT University | VIETNAM

I learned both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of VC through the course. I recommend this if you are joining a fund or even starting one.

Phoebe Fontanilla
Investment Associate, TechShake | THE PHILIPPINES

James and the team are great lecturers. The sessions are practical and relatable even in the Philippine context. Excited to apply what we’ve learned in our own programs.

Samantha Chico
Program Officer, Philippine Development Foundation | THE PHILIPPINES

The course gave an intensive overview of a VC and its inner workings. Anyone who wants to run their own fund or wants to understand why VCs do what they do should attend.

Nikko Guiam
Business Development & Venture Consultant, UPSCALE Innovation Hub | THE PHILIPPINES

Quest Ventures VCA is perhaps the most practical and high impact insider insight to VC in Southeast Asia. James and the team were incredibly generous in sharing what they know and how to get things done. We look forward to collaborating with Quest to grow the VC ecosystem.

Joseph de Leon
Director, Gravitas Prime | THE PHILIPPINES

Venture Capital Accelerated was a great crash course on the needs and requirements of VCs. From a start up perspective, it’s useful to know what VCs are looking for and what ultimately drives these firms. This makes it easier to align interests and work better together. From a startup enabler perspective, this helps us match companies and investors better.

Judge Calimbahin
Manager, Endeavor Philippines | THE PHILIPPINES

Besides learning about the fundamentals of venture capital, we also had valuable insights into setting up and operating a fund that could only come from someone as experienced as James. You would be hard pressed to find these insights elsewhere!

Jameson Ho
Venture Strategy & Investment Lead, f(dev) Digital Foundry | THE PHILIPPINES

Good comprehensive overview for someone exploring and entering the venture capital industry. James Tan is very knowledgeable, insightful, and introspective — truly a special privilege to learn from him!

Ray Alimurung
Chairman of Lazada Philippines; Senior Advisor to Group CEO | THE PHILIPPINES

Quest’s team dedication to put everything together is so much appreciated. The course is filled with young talent from diverse backgrounds which creates valuable peer learning experiences. We love the way Quest team is very “down-to-earth” and open to share their knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend this course to university students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs who want step into venture capital for a rewarding career or for nailing your fundraising. Big thanks to Quest’s efforts and engagement to help the Southeast Asia startup ecosystem thrive!

Thuy Ho
Partnership Manager, Sunwah Innovations | VIETNAM

An intense but fulfilling crash course with a wide variety of speakers and invaluable insights! The welcoming and candid environment where all questions are welcomed really helps to clarify the intricacies of the VC world that are not commonly known.

Lim Cheng Kai
Chairperson, iGEM EPIC | SINGAPORE

James was extremely candid! It was really fun, definitely intensive but very rewarding at the end. I learned a lot about the ins and outs of venture capital and its best practices!

Keith Tan
Associate, Protege Ventures | SINGAPORE

Proactive participants and case studies in the region gave me additional knowledge. I love how it turned out – definitely a good program!

Hyacynthia Kesuma
Investment Analyst, ANGIN | INDONESIA

This course has paved the way for many individuals to begin their career in venture capital. From teaching the fundamentals to getting prominent speakers to share their extensive knowledge to the invaluable opportunity to apply what we have learnt on a real startup, attending this course was 100% worth it.

Danya Jeyabalan
Founder, Boundless Hype | SINGAPORE

A huge win for me is that I am now able to have in-depth conversations on VC and startups. This course has sparked an interest which I intend to continue.

Amrusha Muralidharan
Associate, NUS Alumni Ventures | SINGAPORE


Global Venture Capital

The Global Venture Capital is a five day program designed for investors worldwide to enhance their ability to strategically define, negotiate and execute early stage investments on a global scale.

Venture Capital Accelerated

Venture Capital Accelerated is a fast-track part-time program to introduce the fundamentals of venture capital for aspiring entrepreneurs and investors. Scholarships available.

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