Industries, disrupted

Quest Ventures backs Asia’s most successful enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Backing smart founders

Venture Capital

Backed by institutional investors ranging from sovereign wealth funds to corporations, our venture capital funds tackle Asia’s opportunities. We invest in smart founders building solutions that can dramatically impact the lives of millions, and deliver outstanding returns for investors.

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International launches


In key economies and sectors, we selectively manage accelerators across Asia to drive transparent agendas aligned with stakeholders. From sector-agnostic programs to deep dives into over the horizon sectors, our accelerators are trusted by governments and corporations alike.

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Scanning the horizons


Large and successful companies stay that way by continually innovating and disrupting themselves before others do. Working with the Applied Innovation Institute, we support large companies in their transformation efforts and explore over the horizon opportunities.

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Lifelong learning


The Academy brings together thought leaders, founders, and investors in workshops, seminars and courses designed to equip the next generation of thinkers and doers with in-depth knowledge of the startup and innovation ecosystem.

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Whole-of-society approach


An ecosystem is made up of the building blocks of governments, enterprises, institutions of higher learning, risk capital, and startups interacting together in disruptive harmony.

A whole-of-society approach to ecosystem building is not something for the fainthearted. We should know. We have ignited the ecosystems of countries and cities such as China, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Singapore, and Vietnam and, at the institution-level, driven transformation through innovation in countless corporations.

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