Quest Ventures weighs in on the Trump-Kim S$20 million question

The Business Times

Jeffrey Seah, venture partner at Quest Ventures, weighs in on the Trump-Kim S$20 million question: What’s it worth to the Singapore brand campaign?

“Singapore was the place because of its learned ability to execute a complex Mice event in a short time, and a population that is used to the personal, professional and security disruptions from Mic events, road closures and congestion from F1s and international marathons to Cristiano Ronaldo and South Korea boyband visits.

The summit will reinforce Singapore as the Alpha choice for Mice events, further cementing and embellishing Singapore’s lofty Mic destination position.

The 9-5 capabilities have been augmented by the 5-9 activities of the two integrated resorts in the past 10 years, and now complemented by burnished credentials of executing big, security-conscious, multi-party Mice events in a short turn-around time.”


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