Women in tech: How these VCs are helping to close gender gap in Southeast Asia

TechNode Global

While Quest Ventures does not rule out the possibility of setting up women-focused investment funds, the firm will only consider such a move if it makes sense for its LPs and the investment thesis.

“Investment funds specifically for female entrepreneurs or female-led startups are increasing, but you can also invest in them through a gender-neutral fund,” Quest Ventures Head of Environmental, Social & Governance Michelle Ng told TechNode Global.

According to her, Quest Ventures has always been supportive of female entrepreneurs.

“We are big on diversity and inclusion. More than 36 percent of Quest portfolio companies are led by female founders,” Ng added.

“Quest Ventures will continue supporting and investing in female entrepreneurs. It would be through the ecosystems that we have built and funding support. We have also ensured that our team is diverse, for example, we promoted two female investors earlier in the year. This will help us identify more opportunities for female entrepreneurs and female-oriented solutions,” she added.

Quest Ventures’ Ng’s suggestions to women tech entrepreneurs are straightforward and simple: “Take risks and be confident.”


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