He Took His Last Company Public And Now Invested In 4 Of The Biggest Startup Unicorns In Asia

Alejandro Cremades

James Tan has gone from startup founder to operating an $80M venture capital fund to fuel the growth of other early-stage ventures today. Now on his third fund, he’s already helped create four unicorn companies.

On the Dealmakers Podcast, Tan talks about being on both sides of the table, investing in over a hundred companies, building marketplace businesses, network effects, being ruthless when going against the competition, and as an entrepreneur.

Plus, going public, when you need to exit your company, and what he is looking to fund now.

After successfully launching and exiting his first company, James Tan went on to take his second venture public on the NASDAQ.

Going public and especially listing on the NASDAQ may well be the big dream of many entrepreneurs. Though for James, it was also very much about seeing the right timing to exit your company and move on.

He says that “many entrepreneurs fail to understand that there is a window of opportunity when the industry that you’re in and the company that you’re doing can be well understood and well covered by the market at large.”


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