The oBike exit is not just unethical, it should be illegal


Senior analyst Jasmine Toh provides her views to e27’s Kevin McSpadden on the messy exit of oBike, which was funded by some well-known investors in Singapore.

“The current negative sentiment comes from a multi-year build up of inconvenience and eyesore due to irresponsible parking, that has now culminated in irresponsible market exits with the hapless consumer continuing to be the one to bear the brunt of the impact with lost deposits,” said Jasmine Toh, a Senior Analyst at Quest Ventures, when asked about the closure.

Toh also said oBike needs to “exercise their responsibility to the public” and clean-up the exit process. The Consumers Association of Singapore has apparently told oBike that the messy exit is “unethical and unacceptable”.


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