Quest Ventures Backs Vietnamese Startup Vulcan Augmetics in Advancing Assistive Technology


Vietnamese biometric sensor and robotic prosthetics developer Vulcan Augmetics has secured undisclosed seed funding from Singapore-based venture capital firm Quest Ventures.

Vulcan Augmetics specializes in creating customizable modular robotic prosthetics, harnessing the power of proprietary machine-learning software to enhance accessibility and affordability for amputees, particularly in underserved regions across the developing world.

The company’s technology allows users to don these devices in under two minutes, which often involves a time-consuming process spanning six to 18 hours. Vulcan Augmetics effectively reduces fitting times by over 60%, ensuring quicker and more accessible solutions for those in need.

Rafael Masters, Co-Founder and CEO of Vulcan Augmetics spoke to the media during the announcement. “Making assistive technology accessible is a global challenge that will impact two billion people by 2030 and a huge opportunity for us to realize the potential of the disabled community,” he said.

“Vulcan Augmetics is a great example of addressing large and socially impactful issues with capital and technology.” James Tan, Managing Partner at Quest Ventures, further said, supporting Rafael’s thoughts.

James Tan, the Managing Partner at Quest Ventures, has expressed the venture capital firm’s mission to identify and support pioneering technology companies that operate at the intersection of deep tech and high scalability. Quest Ventures seeks out enterprises with the potential to address substantial and impactful challenges by leveraging capital and technology.


Vietnamese robotic prosthetics firm Vulcan Augmetics raises seed funding from Quest Ventures
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