Morning Coffee: Bankers can invest their bonuses in the Ukrainian Army. MBAs now need data science to get banking jobs


As the world and the financial markets only have one big story, it’s worth having a look at the ways in which finance and war interact. It’s perhaps strange to consider, but the world of banking is actually surprisingly large compared to the size of the current conflict – in an article on the Ukrainian government’s launching a crowdfunding exercise for its army, Bloomberg reports that the country’s total military budget is around $3.9bn.

That compares to a total bonus pool in New York alone of $31bn in the most recent State Comptroller’s Report, which will have risen substantially for 2022.

Singapore has always been a tight labour market, but for software engineers in particular, there’s a real shortage. Salaries are up 22% in the latest Nodeflair/Quest Ventures survey, with startups and big techs drawing talent away from the financial sector just as they are everywhere else.


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