‘HUGgy’ng innovation: Dolbomdream’s tech vest aims to bridge mental healthcare gap


Studies have shown significant wait times of one to five years for treatment for individuals with developmental disabilities such as autism, who might be struggling with a high-level of anxiety and sensory challenges. This underscores a critical challenge in the field: a heavy reliance on human resources, which can limit access to timely care for those who need it most.

A South Korean social venture aims to address this challenge with a unique product. Dolbomdream has developed the HUGgy vest, designed to improve the quality of life. The vest utilises Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) to provide the calming effect of a hug for individuals with developmental disabilities. This aims to alleviate stress and anxiety, potentially contributing to a new paradigm in mental healthcare.

Dolbomdream specialises in mental healthcare solutions, offering the HUGgy smart care vest to address sensory challenges. Utilising DTP technology, the vest mimics the calming effects of a hug, fostering psychological stability. Equipped with inflatable technology and biometric sensors, the vest can monitor the user’s psychological state.

The HUGgy vest provides a lightweight alternative to traditional weighted vests, enhancing comfort and mobility. It benefits autistic individuals and has potential applications in supporting seniors and sleep disorder patients.

The vest features non-contact biometric sensors for heart rate monitoring, relaying data to caregivers through a dedicated app for real-time analysis.

In February 2024, Dolbomdream received undisclosed seed funding from Quest Ventures, advancing its goal to become the top mental healthcare provider by 2030. To achieve this, it is focused on developing an integrated management system that harnesses biometric data to enhance treatment outcomes for disabled individuals.


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