Gender diversity gap is ‘definitely stark’ in VC industry, says Quest Ventures’ Goh Yiping [ORIGIN Innovation Awards Q&A]

TechNode Global

Although there are more female venture capitalists in recent years, the VC industry is still very much male-dominated. The venture ecosystem – comprising venture capitalists, tech startup founders, and decision-makers – remains pre-dominantly male despite many efforts to improve the gender diversity in the industry.

In the TechNode Global Q&A, Singapore-headquartered VC firm Quest Ventures Partner Goh Yiping shared how she started her career in the industry and how she dealt with some of the stereotyping and biases she met when she first joined the industry. She also shared her views on gender lens investing, among others.

The gender diversity gap is definitely stark, Goh said. But she said she enjoys setting an example that a female VC can be as logical, as non-emotional, as strong in dealmaking, as battle-tested, if not more than her male counterparts. “There’s still a lot of myths when it comes to working with female leadership, and I continue to enjoy debunking that,” she added.

Goh also gave some advice to female founders, venture capitalists and also shared her suggestions on how to encourage more female participation in the startup and VC ecosystem.


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