Entrepreneurship: Nature or Nurture?


Quest Ventures Goh Yiping shares her journey with AlumNUS.

“NUS alumni entrepreneurs share their personal motivations, tribulations and insights on navigating the start-up ecosystem.

Yiping: It’s really not as binary as whether it is nature or nurture. It is both. I am probably born to want to be an entrepreneur — having helped out at my parents’ hawker stall since I was eight, and growing on a farm set up by my grandmother, whom I look up to. I have that raw drive to succeed but I kind of never knew what to do, or where to even start. Through the NOC programme, we saw a different degree of polish when it comes to entrepreneurship. It also offered us great courses for training with the greatest minds. Being forced to come up with ideas within a short time frame also sharpened us and showed what we are made of.”


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