A new adventure begins for Singaporean startups in Vietnam


Vietnam Global Innovation (VGI), powered by Quest Ventures, concluded its extensive three-month program last week. Focused on providing Singaporean startups an accelerated entry into Vietnam, VGI has pushed through the challenges brought on by COVID-19 to provide its 12 participants with knowledge and insights for their next stage of growth.

Vietnam has had a GDP growth rate above 5% for the last ten years and with a population predominately made up of those aged under 35, the local market presents opportunities for Singaporean startups to venture into. The 12 startups have learned many valuable lessons about the local business ecosystem, infrastructure, and cultural differences that will no doubt be extremely useful over the next few months.

The Vietnam Global Innovation is an initiative under Enterprise Singapore’s Global Innovation Alliance, powered by Quest Ventures. It is scheduled to have its next run in November.


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