Chen Bin


Chen Bin is a Marketer-in-Residence at Quest Ventures, a top venture capital firm in Asia. He works closely with startups to accelerate their growth through a combination of incubation services and programmes. He is also responsible for market scanning and evaluation.

Prior to this, Chen was marketing executive at Jeehe, an events and social meetup site; and marketing manager at 55tuan (NASDAQ), one of the largest social e-commerce site in China with presence across more than a hundred cities, where he was responsible for the explosive growth in consumer awareness of the brand in the early stages of the company.

Chen actively interacts with new startups through participation in entrepreneurial and social networking events such as Quest Ventures’ Startup Afternoon Tea. His networks of media and partner contacts are an invaluable resource to portfolio companies.

For leisure, Chen Bin enjoys cycling and anime. He has cycled from Shanghai to Tibet via Chengdu, stopping at the Zhangmu border between China and Nepal.




Get in touch at [email protected].