Asia's top founders get their first investments from Quest Ventures

“The best kind of investors are those who are entrepreneurs themselves.”

Founder & CEO

“Constantly challenges us to think bigger and serves as our go-to sounding board.”

Co-Founder & CEO

“It’s awesome that they were with us through both the good and bad times.”

Founder & CEO

“Gave us the confidence and credibility to execute our vision.”

Founder & CEO
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Ruslan Rakymbay провел Q&A сессию с финалистом первого потока Kazakhstan Digital Accelerator и человеком, который совсем недавно привлек инвестиции в размере $1 млн. - CEO и Founder стартапа Cerebra, Doszhan Zhussupov...

We are in key cities where innovation and disruption with technology is taking place at an incredible pace

The Quest team has guided us every step of our journey. They have been very engaging and approachable, and this has definitely helped TranSwap grow faster and further.

Benjamin Wong

Co-founder & CEO, TranSwap | SINGAPORE

Quest made our startup journey less bumpy. They give us control on how we should grow our business yet provide the right amount of guidance and support to ensure we avoid making costly mistakes. Quest’s vast network of connections has opened doors to new markets.

Erly Witoyo

Founder & CEO, Kapital Boost | INDONESIA

Genuinely one of the most intelligent and helpful investor you could have. If you get an opportunity to work with Quest in any capacity, do not hesitate to take it! They are truly inspiring and always on the side of the entrepreneur!

Nicolas Chin

Co-founder & CEO, PostCo | MALAYSIA

James served as our advisor for fundraising and business matters which are valuable insights for a first time founder like myself. Always quick to offer his support and genuinely cares for all founders which is true to Quest’s mission.

Alvin Ea

Co-founder & CEO, Haulio | SINGAPORE

The best kind of investors are those who are entrepreneurs themselves, and James is one of the best in that category – he is authentic, supportive and knowledgeable. He is both a great coach for founders, as well as a master tactician in execution, a combination that is rare and incredibly valuable to find in an investor.

Darius Cheung

Founder & CEO, | SINGAPORE

Quest gave us the confidence and credibility to execute our vision of being the largest Islamic Crowdfunding platform in the world.

Umar Munshi

Founder, | INDONESIA

Quest has a deep understanding of female issues and big data. It’s awesome that they were with us through both the good and bad times. I can always count on them to be available.


Founder & CEO, WatchOverMe | MALAYSIA

The folks at Quest are always approachable and ready to offer innovative and fresh perspectives to tackle problems. Frequent sharing sessions by seasoned entrepreneurs who have ‘been there, done that’ have helped us gain new insights on growing and managing our business. has definitely seen farther by standing on the shoulders of Quest.

Jonathan Lim

Founder & CEO, | SINGAPORE

James has been very genuine to help in any way possible and is quick to do so. Constantly challenges us to think bigger and serves as our go-to sounding board for fund raising and other operational matters. Humble and approachable too despite the immense success he’s had with 55tuan.

Quek Siu Rui

Co-Founder & CEO, Carousell | SINGAPORE

We met James very early when we started. There is no doubt that his insights and connections made everything easier for us. Not only James but all of the folks in Quest have been genuinely nice and helpful to us. I think becoming part of the Quest family is one of the best decision we have made so far.

Robbi Baskoro

Founder & CEO, | INDONESIA

USD 40+ Million

Assets under management as of 30 June 2021

90+ Companies

In our portfolio across the funds

Top 10

Most active investors in Southeast Asia and Central Asia


Cumulative gross IRR generated since 2011 by Quest Ventures’ funds with at least 24 months of activity prior to 31 December 2020, compared to just 11% achieved by the S&P 500 index over the same period

150 Cities

Across Asia where our portfolio companies operate

37% Female

Founders in our portfolio


Investment funds and vehicles raised since our inception, including two venture capital funds

4,400 People

Employed worldwide by our portfolio companies as of 31 December 2020

1 Team

One methodology, one culture, one Quest