Southeast Asia’s Green Economy 2022 Report

Bain and Temasek, with contributions from Microsoft

“The green economy is an important area of focus for any private equity or venture capital fund that does not want to miss out on the next wave of growth.” Managing Partner, Quest Ventures

This year’s report starts to build a perspective on green investments in SEA – where the investment should flow to drive the most tangible impact in this decade and what it takes to realize the impact. Notwithstanding a long list of potential levers across the carbon abatement curve that would need to be deployed to ultimately achieve Net Zero, it is important to recognize the urgency and need for greater focus on solutions that will deliver carbon savings sooner than in the longer-term future.

While the scale of opportunities and the need to act are clear, there are current impediments holding back the scaling of SEA green economy. Many disconnects presently limit the ability to translate potential opportunities into accessible markets and investments. We frame many of these impediments and recommendations to address them.

We hope this report will provide a catalyst for a more open and honest discussion about constraints to unlock the green economy, clarify investable and addressable decarbonization pathways for the decade, inspire stakeholders to take actions, and unlock investment flows to accelerate the transition towards Net Zero.


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