ScaleUp Malaysia partners Asia’s Quest Ventures to globalise local solutions

New Straits Times

KUALA LUMPUR: ScaleUp Malaysia has entered into an exclusive partnership with Quest Ventures, a Singapore-based venture capital firm, to invest and scale the regional growth of top Malaysian start-ups. The partnership with Quest Ventures will bring in a Foreign Direct Investment deal worth US$1,000,000 (RM4,150,000) to develop and grow Malaysian start-ups.

According to ScaleUp, in order to qualify for the Cohort 2 programme, scale-ups must be operating on business models that have the propensity to disrupt existing markets or have solutions that are able to navigate future challenges and take advantage of opportunities brought about by the current economic climate.

A total of 24 companies shortlisted from the Cohort 2 applications will begin their accelerator journey in October 2020 before presenting their solutions in front of the Investment Committee at the end of the programme. As part of the partnership, ScaleUp Malaysia Cohort 2, powered by Quest Ventures, will invest at least US$60,250 in up to 12 of these companies.

Meanwhile, Quest Ventures’ managing partner, James Tan, said beyond the traditional investment role of VCs, the company sees it as its tech ecosystem duty to drive a speedier adoption of the Digital Economy.

“Our partnership with ScaleUp Malaysia will enable us to support the top tech talent teeming in Malaysia and provide necessary and timely support to power their disruptive businesses to break into the post-pandemic emerging Asia markets,” he said.

“In this second cohort, we want to empower solutions that tap into the buy-in of the digital economy and prime them through our rigorous syllabus designed to take local companies to the global stage. Our partnership with Quest Ventures will enable our scaleups to quantum leap their growth, access adjacent markets and unlock a wealth of economic possibilities through value creation, needed now more than ever with our collapsing global economy brought about by Covid-19,” said ScaleUp Malaysia’s senior partner, Dr V. Sivapalan.


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