Quest Ventures Appoints ESG Head


This strategic move underscores Quest Ventures’ commitment to advancing its mission of sustainability across key markets.

April Ong Vaño, the newly appointed ESG head, brings a rich and diverse wealth of experience to her role, having dedicated an entire decade to social innovation and sustainable development. Her impressive background spans various sectors, including government, non-profit organisations, and the private sector.

She will be stationed in Cebu, The Philippines, and her mission is nothing short of transformative. She aims to drive tangible, positive changes in local communities, with a particular focus on critical areas such as microfinance for agriculture and accessible, eco-friendly solutions for clean water and energy, all of which are pivotal for a sustainable, decarbonised planet.

Expressing her vision for this pivotal role, Ong Vaño stated, “I am dedicated to effecting tangible change in local communities, with a specific emphasis on providing microfinance for agriculture and accessible clean water and energy solutions, all of which are indispensable for a sustainable, decarbonised world.”

Notably, Quest Ventures stands as one of the trailblazing venture capital firms in Asia, having committed to the Principles of Responsible Investment, an investor initiative forged in partnership with the UNEP Finance Initiative and UN Global Compact.

The firm’s unique blend of capital and technology is making a substantial contribution to uplifting communities in emerging economies throughout Southeast Asia and Central Asia, garnering accolades such as VC of the Year in 2022.


Quest Ventures appoints April Ong Vano as Head of Environmental, Social & Governance
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