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supersizingSupersizing the start-up
Today Online
2013 Oct 03

Venture capitalist James Tan believes local tech enterprises need to think big to thrive.

“It will take more than money to produce the next Google or Facebook, argued Mr Tan. Unwilling to break out of their comfort zone in Singapore, many start-ups fail to think big and move into large markets, such as China or the United States.

Mr Tan should know what he’s talking about… The firm has since expanded – organically and through acquisitions – to almost 4,000 staff across 150 cities.” More

xinhua logo求索创投管理合伙人陈中:为新加坡创业团队拓展中国铺路
2013 Sep 10


Carousell and SPH Magazines partner to launch SheShops Marketplace
Techie Lobang
2013 Aug 20

Carousell has announced it is partnering with SPH Magazines to launch SheShops Marketplace. With the launch, readers will be able to shop for over 20,000 brand new or pre-loved items. More

berkeley engineering logoInnovation and Entrepreneurial Policy, Asia Perspective
UC Berkeley College of Engineering
2013 Aug 06

Due to growth needs, pains, and challenges, China policy is fueling entrepreneurship at a massive scale and with intense competition. According to James Tan, GEL speaker and Managing Partner of QuestVC, Beijing is… More

techinasia logoThese 5 Baidu Hackathon Finalists Make Your Life Greener and Simpler
Tech In Asia
2013 Jul 29

The Singapore event had nine teams competing for the prizes, supported by local partners such as InfoQ, SegmentFault, QuestVC, and World Wildlife Federation (WWF).  More

businesstimeslogoEncouraging entrepreneurship
The Business Times
2013 Jul 29

QuestVC’s Managing Partner, James Tan, provided the following quote to The Business Times on encouraging entrepreneurship in Singapore.

“While there have been many new start-ups, our biggest weakness seems to be the inability of the businesses to scale up. Perhaps it is a general lack of global exposure – not perceiving how small the Singapore market is, not appreciating the vast potential of markets beyond our shores and a lack of understanding in how to enter these markets. We need to enable aspiring entrepreneurs to plan their business with scale in mind.

We should also give our youth more prolonged global exposure during student exchanges, study tours and overseas internship stints, and let them network with successful Singaporeans there.” More

2013 Jul 25

这些潜在投资者包括QuestVC (求索创投)技术顾问、窝窝团合伙创建人之一潘国章。More

baiduetplETPL SDKs and Prizes for Baidu-QuestVC Hackathon
Taihou Exploits
2013 Jul 19

The Baidu Open Cloud Hackathon is organised by the Baidu Developers Club and co-organised by QuestVC and SegmentFault. The event takes places in the key cities of Beijing, Chengdu, Wuhan, Taipei and Singapore. More

forbesindialogoKickstarters: China’s Innovation Incubators
Forbes India
2013 Jul 03

Mentorship forms another cornerstone of the capabilities of China’s incubators. Chinaccelerator incubator has more than 60 mentors, among them James Tan, founder and Managing Director of the leading Chinese venture-capital firm QuestVC.

“Powerful mentors are rare in China,” says Josh Ong, tech-industry watcher for The Next Web site. “Guidance and insight to aid a start-up in overcoming challenges are some of the most important services an incubator can provide. It helps start-ups understand the value they can bring to the ecosystem.” Having world-class mentors onboard also boosts the incubator’s prestige, helping it to build its own products and brand, Ong adds. More

北京,上海!中国加速10×10 创业活动启动
2013 Jun 15

求索创投合伙伙伴,陈中,在中国加速10×10创业活动演讲。More logo国内企业如何抢占移动互联海外市场――国家经济门户
2013 May 30


berkeley blog logoWill Korea’s entrepreneurial engine continue to deliver? Innovation & entrepreneurial policy – Asia perspective
UC Berkeley Blog
2013 May 08

Due to growth needs, pains, and challenges, China policy is fueling entrepreneurship at a massive scale and with intense competition.  According to James Tan, GEL speaker and Managing Partner of QuestVC, Beijing’s Zhongguancun area next to Tsinghua, is the… More

885hr logo求索创投:2013年看好四大领域
2013 Mar 01


TechCrunch LogoFood Discovery App Burpple Now Available On Android
2013 Feb 04

Backed by Quest Ventures, Burpple, the social discovery app that seeks to connect food lovers from around the world, just released their Android app in public beta. More

Taking the VC role when raising funds for your startup
Startup Noodle
2013 Jan 28

3 real startups (Frogo, Mashup and Kailoo), currently at a fundrasiing stage, and 3 real VCs (QuestVC, ZhenFund and Phillip Chow) helps out at SLP workshop. More

2013 Jan 11

下午在网络点亮生活高峰论坛上,华视传媒VP朱华慈、新意互动移动互联网营销部总经理王甡、求索创投CEO陈中、31会议网CEO万涛、91无线高级市场总监郭云以及泰山兄弟&泰山天时创始合伙人陈亮一起就“互联网企业怎样转向移动互联网”、“下一阶段移动互联网创业趋势”发表了自己的观点。 . More

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