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Co-founder of 55Tuan to discuss China and entrepreneurship at Startup Asia Singapore

Tech In Asia

Willis Wee: I’m a keen admirer of James Tan. Many of you guys in Singapore might not know him because he is making his fortune in the big pond, China.

I don’t exactly like the group buy model or the clones either. But James and his fellow founders appear to have executed well in order to become one of the largest in China. As we’ve said before, quite often success hinges on the execution rather than the idea.

Regardless, James has done what most of us haven’t. He got out of tiny Singapore and plunged himself into China. While many Singaporeans still hold a skeptical view about the Chinese market, James was one of the first movers in the tech space to have made it there. So, there’s a load of experience which James can share with us and I’m excited to have him on board with us at Startup Asia Singapore.


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