How Goh Yiping is Levelling the Playing Field in Venture Capital

High Net Worth

Goh Yiping doesn’t play by the rules.

Starting in 2004, the serial entrepreneur founded her first company, World Indigo, at the age of 22 while juggling academic responsibilities. In spite of her inexperience as a business neophyte, her inaugural enterprise raised a laudable $350,000 in seed funding, and won the National Startup@Singapore Business Plan Competition.

Bitten by the start-up bug, she went on to establish AllDealsAsia at 28, which grew to become the top deal aggregator in the region. Displaying acute foresight and a forward-thinking spirit, she even introduced online customer service to the platform at a time when websites were still slow to adopt live chats. Fast forward four years, AllDealsAsia was acquired by Lippo Group, which kick-started her next venture, Matahari Mall – an e-commerce site that would rise to the top as a multi-million dollar business.

In 2016, the real estate graduate turned e-commerce doyenne switched gears and joined Quest Ventures as a venture partner.


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