Climate tech in Southeast Asia: changing the business ecosystem

Tech Collective

As climate change issues become increasingly evident, bringing about threatening natural disasters and economic devastation, there has been an uptick in companies focusing on sustainable business models and carbon footprint reduction. Climate tech in Southeast Asia is gaining greater attention than it has in other countries, especially as the region is most likely to bear the brunt of an ecological disaster.

With the United Nations pushing its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the climate tech startups Southeast Asia adopting  these ideals as well. Investment in the climate tech sector is also on the rise, as venture capitalists, angel investors, and government-backed environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) programmes evaluate sustainability and eco-credentials when considering funding.

While more businesses realise the importance of environmental awareness and the future of the human race, Quest Ventures is already ahead of the game. This venture capital fund, which was founded in 2009, has focused on startups that take an ESG approach to business since 2018.

The company has always recognised the importance of investing in digital innovations, and has refined its criteria to include ESG principles. Quest Ventures, located in Singapore, has made 93 investments and contributed to three funds in APAC, including recent investments in Filipino company Kraver’s Canteen, Malaysia-based Howuku and Indonesian startup GuruInovatif.


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