Social impact through digital innovation

We believe that delivering value in today’s world includes consideration of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) aspects.

Asia’s rapid but uneven development are challenges that we are addressing with a combination of capital and technology.

Impact Portfolio

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Whoever wants to harvest good rice,
must also plant good seeds.

Lee Kong Chian

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Empowering the Female Entrepreneur

When the company she started was successfully acquired by an Indonesian conglomerate, Goh Yiping started her quest to help other female entrepreneurs succeed. With a decade of founding startups and investing in others, her efforts were recognized when she was named to the Peak’s Power List 2017.

Women hold up half the sky but run only 31% of all private US firms. The numbers in Asia would be even lower.

Let’s do more for them so we may do more for all of us.

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Empowering the Young Entrepreneur

Ian and Ing, brother and sister, were no older than ten when they witnessed a problem and created a solution to solve it. Their answer – Qanemate – not only has the support of their family but has won the friendship and love of countless users and organisations.

With more resources and freedom to experiment, can more solutions be invented by the young?

Let’s try it.

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Empowering the Student

Born into a farming family, Lin Pingping knows what backaches and calloused hands are like when her fields are tilled. She worked hard to put herself through schools, graduating with a PhD in computer science from Tsinghua University, and is now a thought-leader in the field of next generation internet.

Education provides uplift beyond the individual.

Let’s shoot for the stars.

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Empowering the Farmer

Liu Chuanjun graduated with a degree in engineering but decided to devote his life to agriculture after seeing the disparity in quality of life between the cities and the farms. By removing unethical practices and inefficiencies in the supply chain, he enabled farmers to earn more for the same, thereby improving the lives of their families in the process.

Every grain of rice in our bowl is won by the sweat of the brow. From the corn fields of China to the rice fields of Indonesia, farmers are usually at the part of the value chain where they work the hardest but reap the least.

Let’s push for equitable social development.

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Empowering the Environmentalist

Jacki Ng has been running his dive operations for more than a decade so he has seen his fair share of the damage that human beings do to the ocean. His “no shark fins” campaign in the 2000’s led to a significant reduction of this dish in restaurants although more remains to be done.

From leading campaigns for no shark fins to reducing plastics usage, his advocacy for marine conservation has been relentless.

Let’s protect our environment.

What We Do

Quest Ventures’ multi-dimensional environment, social and governance strategy was the first in Asia for a venture firm, and supports a range of social good initiatives across Asia for education, healthcare, mobility, and female and youth entrepreneurship.

Impact acceleration initiatives include advocacy, investment, world class partner benefits, and collaborations with the venture portfolio.


We work with global and regional NGOs, NPOs, and social enterprises to identify under-addressed issues that, when addressed, can positively impact significant sizes of communities.

Environment scanning
We scan the environment to identify risks and demand drivers so as to provide objective, quantifiable and actionable metrics.

We work with local organisations to implement solutions that leverage capital and technology to dramatically improve conditions while respecting local practices.

To get in touch with us for your impact initiative, send an email to [email protected].

The best way to guarantee a response is to have one of the founders in our Quest family make an introduction for you.