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No more ‘burn, baby, burn’: VCs expect more caution in 2020

The Business Times Jeffrey Seah, a partner at Quest Ventures, similarly thinks that 2020 may bring more mindfulness and perhaps even more rational valuations. “There is a more mature and mainstream lens in evaluating venture ideas as going concerns, versus the past cavalier “spray and pray” approaches to drive coverage and seize market share.” More
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SEA startup funding ends decade on a high, but warning signs emerge

Tech in Asia Quest Ventures’ James Tan provided commentary to Tech in Asia’s end of the 2010s decade summary of Southeast Asia tech. “Many startups will have enough fat to last through winter, but they might shift gears to stretch the dollar. There’s no doubt the money will still be there for the best startups.…
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Technology investors spurred by Vietnam’s robust growth

Nikkei Asian Review Jeffrey Seah of Quest Ventures commented on the opportunities in Vietnam in the Nikkei Asian Review. “Vietnam has a population of nearly 100 million people, roughly 70% of whom are under 35, and boasts an annual GDP growth rate of nearly 7%. Arguably the hottest market in Southeast Asia in 2019, Vietnam…
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联合早报 求索创投(Quest Ventures)合伙人佘庭瀚受访时说,新兴市场如越南的风险创投融资继续增长,但在泰国和马来西亚,政治和经济不稳定因素冲淡了市场情绪。 余庭瀚观察到,公开售股市场的情绪转向谨慎,导致一些创投基金关闭或不再活跃。不过,市场人士对本地以及整个东南亚的风险创投仍保持乐观。 余庭瀚指出,目前热门的投资趋势包括食品科技和海洋科技,求索创投于两年前开始进行投资,如今求索创投开始关注东南亚的社会效应投资(impact investing)。 More
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Singapore International Foundation presents Russ Neu with Citizen Ambassador Award

Singapore International Foundation News The Singapore International Foundation presented Quest Ventures’ Russ Neu with the Citizen Ambassador Award. The Citizen Ambassador Award is for programme partners and alumni who have given their time, talent or other notable contributions to support the work of the SIF. In the citation, SIF said, “For more than a decade,…
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Analysing Coworking: Is The Fall Of WeWork Part Of A Bigger Problem?

Vulcan Post “James Tan, Managing Partner at Quest Ventures, shares the view that coworking is not just a fad or trend that will fizzle out despite WeWork’s current struggles. In fact, he says the idea of “placing people from different companies to work together in the same environment is not new”. Before WeWork, there were…
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SG’s Quest Ventures to invest up to $10m in Vietnam in next three years

Deal Street Asia “It will target investments in post-seed to pre-Series B rounds with ticket sizes varying between $500,000 and $1 million. “We have been tracking Vietnam’s digital economy evolution and the increasing number of players. The market has grown fast with dedicated support from the Vietnamese government and angel networks, as well as overseas…

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