Jay Zhu

Summer Associate, Enterprises

Jay Zhu is a Summer Associate, Enterprises at Quest Ventures, a top venture capital firm in Asia. She works closely with world-class enterprises for their digital transformation and corporate innovation initiatives. She also works closely with startups to accelerate their growth through a combination of acceleration services and programmes. She is responsible for market access initiatives for key markets in North Asia.

Prior to this, Jay was with Xiamen International Bank in Shanghai, China where she managed corporate accounts, provided insights on financing, credit assessment, and risk management. Her projects included financing for public and private entities, real estate, and government-backed and government-related securities. She was responsible for more than RMB 1 billion worth of project financing. At Hebei Financing Leasing, she was responsible for sector analysis and due diligence of project companies.

She attends startup events as a guest speaker and panelist. She is also a frequent host for international technology and startup delegations to Singapore.

Jay received her MSc Technology & Innovation Programme from the Nanyang Technology University, and a B.Econs (Finance) from Donghua University in Shanghai, China. For leisure, she enjoys sports.

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