Adil Nurgozhin

Venture Partner, Central Asia Fund

Adil Nurgozhin is a Venture Partner for the Central Asia Fund at Quest Ventures, a top venture capital firm in Asia.

Prior to this, Adil was the Chairman of QazTech Ventures, a sovereign institutional development fund of Kazakhstan, and a board member of Baiterek Holdings, a sovereign wealth fund of Kazakhstan.

Adil has keen interests in economic empowerment, the environment, and in science and technology. He has unique experience in structuring, managing, and investing in startups in emerging markets. He blends local market expertise with deal structuring based on global standards. He has multiple fund-raising experience for funds and for portfolio companies, and is strongly connected to private capital networks in North America, Europe, the CIS, and Southeast Asia.

Adil is an advisor or member of the board of Bank Gennie, Vist Group, KTZ Express, and Zerde National Infocommunication. He is an active angel investor in startups such as Chocolife, Nommi, and CTOgram.

Adil has a Master of Public Administration and an MBA from the University of Montana; and is an International Law Specialist from the Kazakh National University. He has certificates in Chinese Language and Literature from the University of Lanzhou, and Digital Transformation and Innovation from INSEAD.

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