Aaron Chan


Aaron Chan is an Analyst at Quest Ventures, a top venture capital firm in Asia. He works closely with startups to accelerate their growth through a combination of acceleration services and programmes. He is also responsible for market access initiatives for key markets in Southeast Asia.

His latest projects are building an interactive game on Basys 3 development boards using Vivado IDE in C; and programming a monitoring device on a Cortex-M4-based STM32L475 using STM32cube IDE in C and assembly language.

As Chairperson of the Kent Ridge Hall Flag Committee, Aaron planned and executed a fund-raising campaign for beneficiaries while adapting to COVID constraints. In the Police force as a full-time national serviceman, he was awarded the Police National Serviceman of the Year Award in recognition for his outstanding performance and conduct.

He attends startup events as a guest speaker and panelist. He is also a frequent host for international technology and startup delegations to Vietnam.

Aaron is an Electrical Engineering major from the National University of Singapore, and has a Diploma with Merit in Leadership from Raffles Institution. For leisure, he enjoys running and travelling.

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