Vietnam Market Program

Accelerating access to Southeast Asia's hottest economy

Vietnam is one of the most dynamic emerging economies in Southeast Asia. Its robust economy is supported by strong domestic demand and an export-oriented manufacturing sector. It has a population of 100 million with 70% below the age of 35. It has an emerging middle class that stands at 13% and is expected to reach 26% within ten years.

A tech-savvy population coupled with propensity to spend provides many opportunities and challenges to solve for the budding entrepreneur.

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Global Innovation Alliance

The Global Innovation Alliance is managed by Enterprise Singapore, an agency of the Ministry of Trade & Industry in Singapore. It aims to strengthen linkages and partnerships with leading innovation hubs around the world, increasing access and opportunities for Singapore students and enterprises.

Quest Ventures is proud to be the partner for the Global Innovation Alliance for Vietnam. Organised by Quest Ventures and our local partners in Vietnam, this program is part of the Global Innovation Alliance.

vietnam-global-innovation-alliance 3200x1000
Launch of the Global Innovation Alliance in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
vietnam-r2tw-mentors 3200x1000
Mentors at Saigon Innovation Hub

Work With Mentors

Get introduced to Vietnam business culture and get in-depth, first-hand knowledge of the Vietnam tech ecosystem. With help from Quest Ventures’ appointed local partners, entrepreneurs will be paired with relevant mentors who can speed up market access.

Dive Into The Ecosystem

From entrepreneurs to regulators, the Vietnam tech ecosystem is competitive, vibrant and exhilarating. An ecosystem actively encouraged by the government and, at the same time, born of grounds up action is now squarely in the sights of the region’s most active investors including Quest Ventures.

vietnam-media-interview 3200x1000
Media interest in entrepreneurship
vietnam-pitch-venture-capital 3200x1000
Venture capital introduction at Techfest

Meet Investors

Local investors can provide market insights that aid a startup’s competitiveness and market entry. From angels to institutional investors, a growing investment ecosystem is always on the look out for the next exciting startup to back.

Create Partnerships

Meet local partners at the major events that the program will dovetail with. From application developers to business partners, the vibrant ecosystem is brought together at such occasions not to be missed.

vietnam-business-event 3200x1000
Network with thought leaders at major events
vietnam-quest-ecosystem-mou 3200x1000
Initiative to support the startup investment ecosystem

Ecosystem Support

Tap into the extensive Vietnam networks and friends of Quest Ventures to accelerate your startup.

Beyond Business

Make friends with everyone. From interpreters to staff at our co-working spaces, everyone can show you a different side of Vietnam and make life in Vietnam beyond just business.

vietnam-friends 3200x1000
Sharing light moments together

Interested to grow in Vietnam? Attend our next information session and apply here.

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