Global Venture Capital

Program Code: GVC505

Module 1: Introduction to Venture Capital Financing

Startups are changing the digital economy and the landscape in developing countries, and venture capitalists have been the fuel driving the startup economy all around the world. By providing startups with capital and guidance that they would otherwise not have access to, venture capitalists have enabled founders to transform big ideas into reality.

In this course, you will learn about the basic economics of venture capital, the functioning of the venture capital industry, the fundraising process for startups and developing an investment thesis consistent with your investment goals and strategy.

Module 2: Venture Capital Lifecycle

Venture capital investments are never straightforward. Early-stage companies often have volatile and uncertain revenue generation, and are more vulnerable to changes in the external environment. As such, screening these startups involves the evaluation of such factors, the potential bureaucratic red tape that they are surrounded by, as well as the role of early investors in subsequent rounds of financing.

In this course, we will be walking you through all the stages of an investment, from deal sourcing and deal screening, to follow-on investments, and eventually, the startup’s exit. We will highlight the key milestones of the process, as well as any consequences and complications that could arise along the way.

Module 3: Startup Evaluation and Negotiations

What should I be looking out for when deciding if I want to invest? What are the right questions to ask the startup? While there is no fixed framework, investors hope to develop a systematic method to make the most accurate assessment of their investment from the limited information available.

In this course, you will learn about the key features and red flags of a startup evaluation, and how to ensure that you extract the necessary information to make your investment decision. This will be accompanied by tips to prepare for the negotiation of terms with a startup in order to ensure that both parties are equally protected.

Module 4: Valuation and Returns

The startup scene is dynamic, as are individual companies in the scene. Startups’ valuations are constantly being affected by developments in the external environment, and investors need to be able to measure returns from investments in these companies regardless of the economic climate.

In this course, you will learn the different methods of valuing a startup, metrics to measure a fund’s success, and how the valuation of a company will change over time through different milestones and financing rounds.

Event: Startup Pitches

Target audience: VCs and angel investors