Maritime Fund

Transforming maritime commerce

The maritime industry enables 90% of world trade. The early-stage maritime-tech market, already at USD 100 billion, is poised to triple by 2030.

This is a high CAPEX and high recurring OPEX industry ripe for disruptive innovations as it transitions from an analogue to a digital world.

Over 50% of world shipments are in Asia. 9 out of the top 10 ports are here. China, Japan and South Korea supply more than 90% of new ships every year.

Quest Ventures is an appointed co-investor with SEEDS Capital, a development finance institution of Enterprise Singapore, a statutory agency of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore.

Quest’s investment into BeeX boosted the availability of our Autonomous Vehicles to revolutionise the safety of critical maritime infrastructure globally. Their insights on execution and growth helped us stayed focused and capital efficient.

Grace Chia

Co-founder & CEO, BeeX | SINGAPORE

Enabling technology


Digitalisation in maritime commerce marks the transition from information being exchanged at sea, to how the entire industry operates.

Starting with realistic goals in areas such as workflow optimisation, shared visibility and data standardisation, we enable our startups to accelerate the maritime industry in its transformation.

Port in Singapore


As the most environmentally sound mode of transportation in terms of energy efficiency and pollution prevention, the maritime industry still has to overcome many sustainability challenges from climate change and other ESG regulations.

Startups with visions and solutions for both regulatory and environmental sustainability will excel.

Industry expertise

Deep technology

We are on the cusp of emerging deep technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Devices and Blockchain. Never before has maritime commerce had so many technologies at the same time with the potential to change the nature of the industry.

This creates opportunities in simplification, standardisation, connectivity, controllability, efficiency and predictability, all of which are issues challenging the industry.


Problem-Solution Fit

We help startups identify, understand and define the problem, and match a feasible and implementable solution. We help them avoid wasteful spray-and-pray approaches, and focus resources with a problem-solution fit.

Product-Market Fit

We help startups understand key elements in product-market fit and take a systematic approach in validating the product, business and unit economics at each stage – maximizing value for risk assumed and capital & time invested.

Scaling Solutions

We help startups and guide them in connecting with corporates and scaling their solutions across the maritime industry. Importantly, we help startups scale in capital efficient ways.

Quest Ventures Maritime Fund is a joint investment initiative with ShipsFocus Group, a venture builder with maritime domain insights and industry connections.

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