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Malaysia is teeming with tech talent.

The ScaleUp Malaysia Cohort 2 is an exclusive partnership with Quest Ventures to invest in and help with the regional growth of top Malaysian startups.

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They were my sounding-board and partners whom I can turn to for advice and ideas. The structured coaching, the relevant sharing, the availability of materials relevant to managing and growing the business were what I found to be most valuable.

Nadira Mohd Yusoff

Founder & CEO, Kiddocare | MALAYSIA

Quest Ventures propelled us into many meaningful discussions. We truly believe that every startup would be so lucky to have them fighting alongside you.

Kelveen Soh

Co-founder & CEO, Fefifo | MALAYSIA

This has been an awesome journey. The team transformed us from a cocoon to a butterfly.

Pennie Lim


In less than two hours, Quest Ventures’ insights helped us understand Southeast Asia way better than all the talks combined that we have attended.

Hubert Ian Lee

Founder & CEO, Quadby | MALAYSIA

Great program from the friendly team at Quest Ventures and ScaleUp Malaysia to guide us to the next level.

Ivan Seah


Great learning and sharing by coaches. Their experience pushed us to excel higher and faster.

Carmen Chuang


The team has helped me break my inhibitions and take on a bigger perspective of MyBump Media’s potential. Looking forward to take on the challenge and work alongside ScaleUp Malaysia and Quest Ventures!

Nadia Jalil

Founder & CEO, MyBump Media | MALAYSIA

Quest Ventures and ScaleUp Malaysia prepared our company for scaling up when the time is right and the playbook to execute it.

Syed Zulhilmi Tuan Sharif


The playbook and insights shared by mentors helped broaden our entrepreneurial skillset and provided us solid opportunities to scale up in the next coming months.

Diyan Ho

Co-founder & CEO, HAUZ | MALAYSIA

Malaysia's Silicon Valley

Malaysia’s Accelerator for High Growth Companies

Many startups in Malaysia were unable to get beyond ideation and initial product market fit to the next stage of growth.

ScaleUp Malaysia was founded in 2019 to address this gap.

Mentors guide new founders

Work With Mentors

From founders to senior executives, mentors from ScaleUp Malaysia and Quest Ventures work with startups and accelerate their growth. Entrepreneurs-in-residence, industry mentors, and guest speakers expand your horizons.

Our mentors are world class.

Fundings and savings


Startups will receive up to USD 60,250 (MYR 250,000) of investment to drive their next stage of growth. The ScaleUp Malaysia Cohort 2 is right for high growth companies with proven revenues and the potential for 100% year-on-year growth over the next 1-5 years.

On top of that, startups in ScaleUp Malaysia Cohort 2 get access to Quest Ventures Family Benefits – the largest such program in Asia.

Learning and growing fast


With a diverse line up of speakers, founders can expect wide-ranging topics with select deep dives. Expect candid feedback from these masterclasses.

Learn from the best.

Network with thought leaders at major events

Global Expansion

As the world’s fastest growing region, Southeast Asia is a hotbed of startup and innovation activities. Klang Valley is Malaysia’s Silicon Valley, and it is where your global expansion adventures will begin.

Scale and replicate.

Standing room only at investor event

Meet Investors

As you grow into market leaders, your funding needs will grow in tandem. Meet our extensive network of investors in key cities across Asia.


Taking Malaysian startups global.

Refer to ScaleUp Malaysia for full information.

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