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The way ahead is long and has no ending,
yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending.
Qū Yuán (340-278 BC)

Since 2011, Quest Ventures has drawn inspiration from this poem by renowned poet Qu Yuan, who has a national holiday dedicated to him in many parts of Asia.

These two lines from his poem could very well be describing the long and arduous journey of entrepreneurs on their quest to change the world.

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James Tan

Managing Partner

Co-founder & COO, 55tuan (NASDAQ). Tsinghua-MIT MBA. Based in Singapore

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Goh Yiping

Partner, Venture Capital

President, Element. Founding team, CPO, MatahariMall. Co-founder & CEO, AllDealsAsia (Acq’d). NUS, UPenn. Based in Singapore

jeffreyseah 2018 500x500

Jeffrey Seah

Partner, Venture Capital

CEO of Southeast Asia & Chairman, Asia Digital Leadership Team, Starcom MediaVest Group. Based in Singapore

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Russ Neu

Venture Partner, Impact

Founder & CEO, Social Collider. Global Lead for Diversity & Inclusion, Flex. Author, chronicles of Laos. Ministry of Education. Tsinghua-MIT MBA. Based in Singapore

elizabethtan 500x500

Elizabeth Tan

Venture Partner, Impact

CEO, Heatwave (Acq’d). Co-Founder, Sight to Sky. NUS LKYSPP MPA, MIT, McGill. Based in Singapore

wangyunming 500x500

Wang Yunming

Venture Partner

Founder & CEO, 55tuan (NASDAQ), Jeehe & 51maimai. Tsinghua MBA. Based in Beijing, China

daifeng 500x500

Dai Feng

Associate Director, South China

EVP, Suning Financial Group. Author, ‘Internet+’. GM Tianjin, 55tuan. Tsinghua MBA. Based in Shenzhen, China

chenglei 500x500

Cheng Lei

Associate Director, West China

Senior leadership, enterprise innovation and government relations. Advocate, Tibetan and minority cultures. Tsinghua MBA. Based in Chengdu, China

panguozhang 500x500

Pan Guozhang


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies research. Technology, Huobi. Founding team, 55tuan & Jeehe. Founder & CEO, Jetbay. Based in Beijing, China

linpingping 2018 500x500

Lin Pingping, PhD


SDN, next generation internet architecture. Co-founder & CTO, 55tuan. Network Attack and Defense Laboratory. National and provincial scholarships. Tsinghua PhD. Based in Silicon Valley

jinming 500x500

Jin Ming


Founding team, Maimai. Founding team & engineer, 55tuan. PhD candidate, Tsinghua. Top scholar, Liaoning province. Based in Beijing, China

chenbin 500x500

Chen Bin


Blockchain and cryptocurrencies research. Pioneer in China social media marketing. Founding team, 55tuan. Based in Beijing, China

qiuxingxing 500x500

Qiu Xingxing


O2O innovation and pioneer. Strategic GM, Meicai. Founding team & youngest GM Shanghai, 55tuan. Based in Beijing, China

xinch 500x500



Co-founder & CEO, Watch Over Me (Acq’d). Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

sabrinachow 500x500

Sabrina Chow


Founder, NUS Entrepreneurship Bootcamp. Project Director, RC Flag. NodeJS, Python, Tableau. NUS Business Administration, NOC Beijing, Tsinghua University, HCI. Based in Singapore

liewshulynn 500x500

Liew Shulynn

Summer Analyst

Finance and accounting in SG and MY startups. Animal shelter volunteer. Dean’s List. SMU Business Management. Victoria JC. Based in Singapore

Southeast Asia’s potential is ultimately realized in its people. By the end of 2018, Quest Ventures’ portfolio of 40+ venture-backed companies operate in more than 150 cities across Asia, creating employment and advancement opportunities for more than 4,400 employees, while our Enterprise and ESG efforts directly impact thousands more.

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